05 September 2008

Will you read this?

Ok! So I'm starting a blog. I'm not exactly sure why, but here it is. I don't expect anyone to read it, especially considering I barely read anyone else's...but I'm goin' for it anyway.

What will I talk about? Who knows. Pretty much anything. Stuff I'm doing, stuff I've done, stuff I like, stuff I hate. Probably a lot of comic book and comic book related stuff, but by no means ONLY that stuff. For example, I like music! A lot!

That's enough of an intro (especially b/c it's LAME)...let's get on with it!

So! There's a new Oasis album coming out soon! Who's looking forward to that? I know I am. It can go either way, good or bad, but I love anticipating new albums! Let's keep our fingers crossed that it's a great one! Woo! (New Bloc Party this year too! Yay!)

OK, so that's all for my first post. Sorry it's so...sparse...and...I'll say it again: LAME. Hopefully it'll get better! :)

The End.

PS I also may post my little comic strips here and there. I've done a bunch over the years, mostly in my college years though. They're really crude (aka UGLY) and also can be a bit mean, but they're mine and I love them. :-P Well, I'll talk about them more as I show them.


Lee Nygma said...

First posts always suck, that's why they're first so they can be happily buried under a plethora of other, much better posts!

Also...I wanna see comic strips!

Anonymous said...

I'll be that random guy that you don't know that reads your blog and occasionally leaves comments!

HumphreyLee said...

I'll read yours if you read mine! And if you design mine a logo. Goddamn do I need me a logo. =/