29 September 2008

Tonight's The Daily Show

Real quick. Too funny to not post about. The Daily Show tonight had a segment where they taped a bunch of old Jewish Floridians watching the presidential debate and their reactions. The segment ended with this most hilarious bit:

Old Woman: She's a big horse, isn't she? I shouldn't say that. Thats's...nothing against her.
Old Man: Who?
Old Woman: Michelle. She'...uh...
Old Man: She's got a big tuchas.
Old Woman: She's a big horse, I said.
Old Man: Yeah. A lot of black women have big tuchas.
Old Woman: Not all of them. They have to come from a certain tribe.

Hahahahahaha Old people. Funny, but scary... :-P

(Also, this segment was hosted by my new favourite correspondent, Wyatt Cenac!!)

The End.

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