02 February 2009

Aaaaaand...Here It Is!

So, I got the tat! Yay! As per my usual M.O...I got sick. Haha Every time I get tattooed, pierced...or even when I first put my contact lenses in for the first time...I nearly pass out. I think I get it from my mom's side of the family. This time I think I went a few minutes longer than last time before I had to make him stop, but then I like lost the strength to hold up my head and nearly lost consciousness. Sat there for awhile with sweat dripping down my face and back, sipping orange juice until it passed. But then I was able to get through the rest, no problem...well, it hurt like frak (though not NEARLY as much as Lockheed did), but I no more sick!

And anyway, at least I didn't throw up this time which is what happened with the lion tramp stamp! hahaha

SO! On to the tattoo!! I got the music for "I get by with a little help from my friends" wrapped around my upper forearm, just above my cat tattoo. :) I love the Beatles and that line is very much..."me." I'm extremely happy with it! Yay! Here's pics!

The End.

PS I've gotten all 5 tattoos from Ron & Dave's Tattooing on Staten Island. They are ALL amazing tattooists and I trust them completely. I've only gotten tattooed by Chris Lopez (all the black ones) and Ted Wallen (Lockheed), but Dave Lopez is just as fantastic as those two (and they're all really cool guys too which is important to me so I feel comfortable). If you're looking for a place to get tattooed, look no furthur! :)

PPS For you comic fans out there, fun fact! Ted Wallen tattooed Mark Brooks when he used to live in Atlanta! :) I only found out when I friended Ted on myspace and he saw Mark in my top friends! Sweet!

PPPS Even though I nearly passed out, I want already want another tattoo... haha


Alex said...

Woo, congrats!

WanderingSteve said...

Congrats on the new tat, and surviving the experience! ^_^

Every time I think of "With a Little Help From My Friends", I'm reminded of Joe Cocker's version on the show "The Wonder Years".

What a great show...so many memories. *sigh* Maybe that'll be my first blog rant...we need "Wonder Years" on dvd!! But I digress...

Didn't know about the "secret origins" of Mark Brooks tat! It's all connected, man! ^_~ Met him at last years NYCC...really nice guy. Very talented. Hopefully he has another sketchbook out for this year's con!

Anonymous said...

Sweet tattoo. I approve.
A girl who was in my Beatles class last fall had "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see," from Strawberry Fields Forever, tattooed on the back of her wrist.

Jennifer Juniper said...

Charlie on LOST had "Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed" tattooed on his shoulder. I thought that was awesome, but I wouldn't want to get it because it was on Charlie from LOST. haha