19 March 2010

Desktop Finds...

I like these posts, they're easy!

Anyway, as I troll the interwebs or even just from friends or my job, I find images that I like and I copy them to my desktop. And then they just sit there and clutter it up. So to make good use of them, here's what I found today when cleaning up:

AWESOME David Finch cover that I'm in love with. I think everyone here should tell him to give me the original for free because no one will appreciate it more...and I'm broke. :-P

Super cool drawing of me Chris Eliopoulos did for me after I whined for a drawing of me:

Super cool Terry Moore piece he drew and posted up on twitter this week:

Awesome Zombie Jesus I found on the Atheist Experience:

I don't remember where I found this, but I love it:

Looking for Delirium reference I came across this! So pretty!

And this. Apparently it was a limited print. I want one so badly. I really wish Mike Allred would make more...

One of my good friend Rob Steen's super cool little dudes:

Awesome. I forget where... Huffington Post article maybe...

Yeah, this was a Huffington Post article image. Lost their C... hehehe

And it wouldn't be me without a jab at religion! (I know, Zombie Jesus, but that was just cool, this is hilarious!) Don't remember where:

The End.

10 March 2010

Iron Man & Handsome Men

Sunday night I watched the Oscars (I'm actually glad Bullock won and that new girl will have plenty more chances, so I don't think she was "robbed"), the best part being the AWESOME John Hughes tribute that brought a tear to my eye.

But AFTER the Oscars, I stayed up late, even though I was exhausted from the weekend, sat through the news and then Jimmy Kimmel: Live After the Oscars so that I could see the KICK-ASS NEW IRON MAN TRAILER! Go watch it if you haven't. I can't WAIT for this movie!!! (Which I just realised comes out the day I go on a mini-holiday with my mom, so hopefully — likely — the Marvel screening will be a day or two before then...)

Now, as I said, I had to sit through Jimmy Kimmel. I never liked The Man Show and I usually don't attach "funny" to this guy in my head, but I do admit I loved his response to "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" that his (now ex-)girlfriend Sarah Silverman made: "I'm Fucking Ben Affleck." Anyway, I didn't think I would like this show, and while I DID turn it off as soon as Robert Downey Jr. and his Iron Man 2 trailer were done (sooooo tiiiiiired), I enjoyed it up until that point. And here is the main reason why: The Handsome Men's Club. Frakkin' awesome. See for yourself:

I just absolutely LOVE "show of handsome"!! haha And Jim from The Office is fantastic in this! hehe Love this skit.

The End.

PS IRON MAN 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm very excited!)

09 March 2010

Yeah, God LOVES His Children

Another case of fanaticism harming children. These people would rather pray for the health of their child than actually getting him treatment. I'm just glad the judge had the sense to charge them for it (though if you ask me, 16 months is not enough time).

Faith Healer's Get 16 Months for Son's Death

OK, you know what? As an adult, if YOU are suffering from a curable disease, fine, pray your ass off and let yourself die, I don't care. But to do that to your kids?! Are you kidding me?! And your grandkids?! It's just disgusting. AND against the law. That's it! Just blame the law! God can't get mad at you for following the law, can he? I guess maybe he can, since clearly he's asking you to be a dumbass when it comes to the health of your children.

I don't get it! Why would "God" "bless" humans with the intelligence necessary to cure illnesses, only to tell you not to USE it?? Ugh. I guess it's for the same reason "He" "gives" us the desire to fornicate, only to tell us we shouldn't, or "creates" gay humans, only to tell them they're abominations and will go to hell if they act on their feelings.

Nothing short of DISGUSTING.

It's such a shame, I really don't think we'll EVER be rid of this backwards way of thinking. I just hope we can get less of them in positions of power... sigh.

The End.


Just wanted to test out this new BlogPress app on my phone. Seems pretty frakkin' cool, so I thought I'd try it out! Maybe this will help me keep up with my blog more often.

So, I thought I'd share this cute squirrel with you. Saw him running up the tree and had to take a picture. I swear it looked like he posed for me!

Squirrels are frakkin' adorable!

Anyway, I guess that's it for this test. Now to check online from my computer to see how it turned out!

The End.

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