13 December 2011

I Decorates!

FINALLY. I said I was going to do this Thanksgiving weekend but I spent that weekend playing Zelda in my pajamas, so no. Finally got 'round to it this past weekend. Here are some pictures!

I used to always get a real tree in my old apartment, but that one was much bigger. So last year I bought my first fake tree! I figured, if I was gonna get one, I might as well make it easy on myself and get a pre-lit one. Oh man, SO nice. And I got this nice skinny pencil tree to fit right in this corner (where I keep a fan in summer months)!

Here's a little close up of one of my favourite ornaments! ;-)

He has a great responsibility to make my tree look good.

The tree-topper that has adorned my tree for the last 5 years or so! I don't even remember where I got him, but I'm guessing at some sample sale at work!

Hulk SMASH if you no give presents!
I decorate as much as possible, including lights in the bathroom, in my room, around the door outside and one the windows. I also decorate the banisters with red ribbon and THESE guys at the ends! :)

Here's my kitchen table thiset-up (it's one of those ones that like comes out of the wall).

Yes, that is a Chris Giarrusso Mini Marvels as Peanuts framed card!
I have these guys (their names are all Harry) above my doorway (they used to be in my bathroom in the old place) and I've been decorating them for Christmas every year (just below them are these little Sanrio stamps I just got of the characters with Santa hats on!)!

Don't mess with me or you'll end up like the Harrys.
And last but not least, my favourite decoration, I've had it since I was 10 or so!
Merry Christmas, dudes! Cowabunga!
So there you go. This smart-ass atheist still loves Christmas. It's not about Jesus for me (nor for a lot of people, REALLY) and never really has been. I just love the holiday cheer! I love the decorations, the parties, the music (YES, the music), the family time, sending out and getting cards (I MISS SNAIL MAIL) , giving/receiving gifts, just the general good feeling! (And really, you KNOW all this Christmas tree stuff, etc. has NOTHING to do with Jesus in the first place, right? ;-P)

So happy holidays everyone!!!!

The End.

21 October 2011

I Gets Another Religious Blog Comment!

I haven't been keeping up with this. I know it, you know it, we ALL know it. I'm sorry! I know I don't have a TON of readers but it's pretty cool to have the amount that I do...or rather, DID. Unfortunately with the twitter and the tumblr, I just go straight there when I want to share something. This blog is definitely better for longer form posts and I have plenty of ideas for things I want to post, but... I just don't. (A big reason is that blogger is now blocked at my job so I can't post during lunch which I used to do.)

Anyway, I still get emails when I get a comment (which obviously isn't as often lately), and one of the posts I get a lot from is the "Kirk Cameron is an Idiot" post (one of my favourites)! And yesterday I got this comment that made me happy. haha Happy because I see comments like this on atheist blogs I read and it's just exciting to get one of my own. :) And it's not a cruel one, just a misguided one. So I thought I'd share it and my response. Let me know what you think!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for you Jennifer! You sound like a really lost soul! Apparently youve never lost someone that you love so much or believing in a God and a heaven that promises we will see our loved ones again wouldnt be so hard for you to accept! I will keep you in my prayers because not only is there a heaven, theres also a hell!
October 19, 2011 9:14 AM

Blogger Jennifer Juniper said...

So let me get this straight. You feel bad for me because I HAVEN'T lost someone I really love? (Which is not true by the way.)

You seemed to be confused between WANTING there to be a god and an afterlife and whether or not there actually IS one. SURE it would be nice to know that when I die I will see the family & friends I've lost again, but that's just highly unlikely. Simply wanting it doesn't make it true.

Not only is there not a heaven, there's not a hell. Don't waste your time praying. Go out there and live the life you DO have to its fullest!

07 June 2011

Memory Lane

I took a Google Maps trip down memory lane, "walking" around the neighborhood I lived in when I "studied" in London for three months back in 2001. I can't believe it was 10 years ago that I lived there! This is the building I lived in, my flat was on the top floor, which our landlord had had priced at $1 million pounds back then. 

The Landward! My flat # was 45!

Flat 45 was at the top floor!
Should'a spent more time here!
The Victory pub was directly across the street and I regret never really spending any time in there. I was near tears looking at this and I'm sure I WILL be in tears when I'm in London in September and walk around there as I do every time I go back to London. I went back to London every year for 5 consecutive years after my semester there, but I've not been able to afford it since 2006. I'm so happy to finally be able to go back to my second home. I would give so much relive that time again. It's definitely in the top 3 greatest experiences of my life. I still really wish I could live in London again. As long as I'm loving working at Marvel, though, I just can't do it. Maybe one day...

I also used Google maps to "walk past" my favourite street in London (at least of the ones I've seen). I used to pass this little street on the way to school and I just feel in love with how cool it looked. Funnily enough, only until I was there in 2005 with my friend did I ever actually walk down it. It just seemed so private, I felt like I shouldn't. This street is Montagu Mews West. "Mews" streets are super awesome, I wish I could live in one, but they must be super expensive. Man, why can't I just be rich and have everything I want!?!?

Well, at least I get to go back and visit soon! I really can't wait, I think about it every single day. Yay! (And also, I'm EXTRA excited to visit Berlin for the first time too and try out some of the German I've been studying!)

The End.

22 May 2011

Oh the Rapture. LOLZ!

So yesterday came and went and nothing happened. SURPRISE! Not much to say, but I felt I had to post SOMEthing. Man, it's sad how gullible some people are. I mean, I KNOW I am at times, but THIS... THIS  is just insane. Anyway, here are a couple of my favourite post-Rapture related things I saw on facebook:

Why the Rapture didn't happen (posted by my friend Chris Giarrusso):

And this funny little video (posted by Truth-Saves.com):

So there you go. I'm sorry but I just don't feel bad laughing at these people. I do feel A LITTLE bad about those that spent their life savings trying to spread the word. Oh well. I HOPE they learned their lesson.

The End.

PS As an added bonus, my friend posted this little gem: The Onion strikes again! It's about some dumb people's reactions to an Onion article, b/c apparently they'd never heard of it. Come on, people! My PARENTS know what the Onion is!!! What's even more worrisome are these ideas about abortions... Condoms are silent abortions??!?!?!!? Yes. No wonder we have more people than can be fed in this world. Sigh.

17 May 2011

Space Invader (FINALLY)

I've been wanting to post about this since July but I've been stupid and lazy, but a recent facebook post from a friend has spurred me into action.

OK, so I admit, before Exit Through the Gift Shop I knew nothing about Space Invader or any of the other awesome street artists out there (though I had passing knowledge of Banksy), but as I fell in love with Banksy I also fell in love with Space Invader. As I mentioned in my Exit blog, I know I used to see a Space Invader on a building along the West Side Highway. I would look for it every time I drove there and it made me happy every time but also very confused because I couldn't figure out why it was there. I thought it was maybe a sign from a store that had since closed. But now that I know it was put there by someone that just likes to put them there, it's even more awesome! Unfortunately, I haven't seen it since and I think it's been removed.

So, I've really wanted to find (& photograph) my own Space Invaders. I tried to figure out through his website where the ones in NYC are. I found one that was just by the Prince St. station but it too, was removed. I could still see the remnants (why anyone would feel the need to do this, is beyond me), so I decided to make it even more obvious and added a little note:

You can see there are still a couple of white tiles there and all the tile glue. Sigh. Like THIS is so much better to see than the space invader that was there.

Well! When I went to the San Diego Comic Con last year, a friend informed me of this awesome street art exhibit that was on display there at the time. So I made sure to go there (and the person behind the desk assumed I was a college student and let me go in for free! hehehehe). The exhibit was awesome but I couldn't take pictures. But I was told that Space Invader went around and put a bunch of his little guys in the neighborhood. I found a website that gave the locations of all of them so instead of spending time at the convention, I took a couple hours to walk around and find them, I think I got all but one that the website listed. Here they are!

That last one is awesome because the eyes are mirrors so they look different from different angles!

Then on the last day I was explaining these guys to some other Marvel peeps at dinner and on the way back to the Hyatt, someone says "Hey Jen, is that the things you were talking about?" And sure enough it was! And it wasn't listed on the site so I was EXTRA excited! And I wrote down where it was in case anyone else wanted to find it: It was at Island St. & Front St. right by or on The Children's Museum! And here's a picture:

I've since tried to find one that I saw on his site near Queens Plaza but I had no luck. If you know where it is tell me! There's another that I think is on Northern Boulevard or thereabouts that I still have to get my ass to. AND what my friend posted on facebook was another one he saw in Williamsburg so I will have to be making a trip out there soon.

I just absolutely love these things. It's such a cool thing to do to spruce up a neighborhood! haha I just wish people didn't take them down! I mean, I know part of their charm is that they are not permanent but I love them!!! Man, if I saw one near my house I would freak out. And I would walk by it every day just to make myself smile. 

So anyway Mr. Space Invader, if you see this, THANK YOU! :) And to everyone else, if you know where any of these are (particularly in NYC or even London since I'll be back there this fall), TELL ME!

The End.

15 April 2011

Ricky on The Daily Show!

Ricky was on The Daily Show yesterday and it was great, but they went over and had to put the remaining bit on the Comedy Central website. This happens more and more frequently lately, but this is the first time I've ever actually went and looked for it! I'm sharing it with you because it's awesome. And so VERY atheist! ;-)

Here's of the "Easter card" he showed Jon. Click here to read his Easter message!!


The End.

30 March 2011

My Friends Are Super Cool! or I Can Colour!

So if you don't know the work of Jacob Chabot, you should. He is one talented muthafuckah! I've previously posted a sketch he did for me in one of my Sketchbook Series posts. WELL, I've got more Jacob goodness for you.

Commie Colossus vill crush you!
So a month or so ago, I was proofing an Essential X-Men book and I came across issue #124 which has one of my favourite covers. Mainly because I'm obsessed with all things Russian (since I loved studying the language for 4 years in high school) and it's got Colossus with CCCP overalls on it, but also because it's so silly. It's a Commie Colossus calling himself The Proletarian! Trying to kill his friends! Because he was brainwashed by... well, I won't spoil it. But it's silly and awesome and I love it.

SO ANYWAY, Jacob and our other talented friend Chris Giarrusso have done these aweome X-Babies or Mini Marvels versions of classic Marvel covers in the past, so I emailed them to tell them that one of them should draw a kiddie version of X-Men #124. I honestly did not expect either of them to do it as they are both always so busy drawing for actual MONEY that I wouldn't expect them to take time out to draw this thing for free just cuz I wanted to see it. Jokes were made, it was just a fun thought.

Then, a few weeks later, I get an email from Jacob that said "Hey check out this thing I drew without any sort of provocation." (haha) with THIS attached:
Don't do it Baby Proletarian!

HOW FREAKIN' AWESOME IS THAT!?!?! I was shocked and amazed that he actually did this! And SO happy! I LOVE the li'l baby Lenin on his overalls too... hehe BABY COMMIE COLOSSUS! Too fantastic.

Now to explain the OTHER title of today's blog, I asked Jacob for the high-res version so that I could colour it. I so rarely get to colour stuff, and all the classic stuff is the best b/c it's only flat colouring which is pretty much all I can handle. So without further ado, I present to you, the COLOUR version of this fantastic Jacob Chabot homage cover!

As I've said, Jacob has done other X-Men covers like this, one of one of my favourite X-Men comics of all-time: X-Men #171. (I'll leave you to figure out why.) I have actually started colouring that one too and will post it when I'm done. Now if I can just get Jacob to GIVE me the originals for FREE... hmmmmm... ;-)

Oh and Jacob, YOU RULE! ♥♥♥♥ THANK YOU!

The End.

24 March 2011

The Book of Mormon!!

Trey Parker & Matt Stone have done it again!

As we're not allowed photos, this is all I've got.
Two nights ago I saw The Book of Mormon, a new Broadway show created by the South Park guys, Trey Parker & Matt Stone. To say I really liked this show would be an understatement. This was one of the best Broadway shows I've ever seen. It was as funny as you'd expect something by these guys to be and man, they really know how to make funny songs actually GOOD. It's no easy feat, but they've managed it time and again on South Park and this show is no exception. I'll be singing "Tomorrow is a Latter Day" and "Scary Hell Dream" for awhile to come. (And I'll be buying that soundtrack the MINUTE it's available!)

I don't want to give any of it away, but they do a good job of giving a condensed version of what Mormons believe (it's ridiculous, to say the least), with a narrative and without being TOO mean. (To be honest, I would've liked it to be a LITTLE meaner. haha) The cast is fantastic and likable and boy do they work hard. There is a LOT going on in this play. The sets are simply amazing as well. There really isn't anything bad I can say about this! There's also been many, MANY blogs about this, so I don't want to get repetitive, but I just wanted to make it known that I LOVE THIS SHOW! (I even read a blog by a Mormon who loved it and encourages other Mormons to go see it!) Honestly, there's a VERY good chance I will be seeing this again soon.

The only pic I dared to sneak before it started.

Tonight is opening night (I went to see it during previews month...it's cheaper. haha), and I have a feeling it's going to be sold out nightly, so I'd look into getting tickets as soon as possible. I PROMISE you will not regret it!!

The End. Tomorrow is a latter day.

23 March 2011

Cursing Revisited!

Just in time for my cursing blog, my Get Fuzzy calendar had a few days of adorable Satchel's way of swearing. Thought I'd share!

I love Satchel.

Bucky is such a jerk.

One of my all-time favourite comic strips. I've been getting the desktop calendar for 4 years now.

The End.

20 March 2011

Watch Your Fucking Language!

I was directed to this fantastic short clip about swearing (from a bog I frequent called "The Good Atheist") in witch the bloody brilliant Stephen Fry basically says "Fuck off!" (Side note: it also contains clips starring Hugh Laurie! ♥♥♥♥)

I love this. I've been saying this for years. "Swear" words are what we make them! If we all suddenly decided "blanket" was a swear word, it would be. They're fucking WORDS. They're used for effect just like ANY other word! Don't tell me when I can and cannot use them!

That being said, I do try to curb my foul mouth around children, old people and my family. It's just a manners thing I suppose, but I don't think I NEED to do it. I wouldn't cry if I accidentally did. With kids I suppose it's more A) I don't want to hear it from their parents and B) I don't want to have to explain what the words mean to them. Fortunately, I avoid kids like the plague so this is not a huge concern for me. haha With old people, again, I just don't want to hear it and I don't want to be mean to them if they yell at me, so I'd rather just avoid the situation altogether. Family...I don't know, just how I was raised I guess.

But I get shit for in the office on occasion (though mostly, it's just the volume of my voice! haha), and I think it's silly. It's amazing how people are sometimes SHOCKED when I curse a lot! I think it also has to do with being female. I'd probably get less attention from it if I were male. Which ultimately, I think, is why I love it. I love breaking that male/female barrier. Any fucking thing HE can do, I can bloody well do too! ;-)

It's pretty funny to me, though, when I think back to the fifth grade when all my classmates were cursing and I refused to. I don't really know why. I listened to my parents, I guess. I was raised a little nerd, which is why I didn't get drunk before I was twenty-one and never smoked a cigarette. I'm not complaining, mind you, I think these are all good things. One can be a little rebellious in their lives without harming oneself (hey, I had a mohawk at 14!). Needless to say, by junior high I was cursing here and there...and by the time I started working at Marvel, I had been given the (short-lived) nickname "F-Bomb."

The ironic thing is that if everyone were to stop caring about curse words or just use them all the time, they would eventually lose their meaning and would cease to be shocking!

The Fucking End.

18 March 2011

Airbender Happiness

So if you read this blog, you know exactly how I feel about M. Knight's craptacular live-action adaptation (see previous blog: "Fuck You, M. Knight") of what I feel is one of the greatest cartoons ever created, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Do yourself a favour and WATCH THEM. So good.

ANYWAY, if you HAVE seen Airbender, then you know how good it is, and you'll be delighted to learn (if you don't already know) that there will be a new cartoon mini-series following the events of Airbender starting up next year! It's called The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra and HOLY CRAP I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!!!!

BEWARE: SPOILERZ AHEAD! (Both of the original show and what I've learned of the new one.)

Originally slated for 2011, the show has been delayed until 2012
It's basically the story of the NEXT Avatar!! Following in the pattern, the next up would be water, but being as she's the Avatar, she has to learn airbending from the NEW last airbender, Aang's son Tenzin! Since Avatar's only appear once the previous one has died, Aang will obviously not be alive in this series, but as we've seen in the show, Avatars can communicate with past Avatars in the spirit world, so we're sure to at least see Aang!

While I am definitely sad that I know I won't see Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko and ESPECIALLY Appa & Momo, I am still SUPER excited for this! Same people involved so I expect it to be just as good. And I can at least I can HOPE for maybe flashbacks from Tenzin growing up or something. Maybe one of the old characters is still alive and a crazy old person like King Boomy from the Earth Kingdom.

Another great thing about this show... J.K. FRAKKIN' SIMMONS!!! He's slated to be the voice of Tenzin!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?

Well, anyway, just thought I'd let you know. This makes me happy after the debacle that was M. Knight's "movie." Ugh.

So those who have not seen the awesomeness that is The Last Airbender, you've got a year to catch up! Hop to!

The End.

17 March 2011

Those Crazy Comics!

Just a couple of ridiculous comic book panels that I love! Enjoy!

Is this racist? Not sure, but it's definitely hilarious!

You really gotta know your Marvel comics to know why this is so insane. If you've got the time: Cosmic Cube on wikipedia.
So careless, Hellcat!

Please also notice the awesomeness that is Thanos having his name written on the side of his helicopter!!

The End.

15 March 2011


So I saw the Pee-wee play!!! Yes. Just add that to the incredibly long list of reasons to love living in New York City! Now let me start by saying something that you'll probably get mad at me for: I wasn't really a huge Pee-wee fan. I know, I know. I just didn't remember ever being REALLY into it. I knew I watched it as a kid, but I would've called myself a fan. That's all changed now. :)

First, let me just tell you HOW I got to see this show. Frakkin' FOURSQUARE, that's how! As you may have known if you follow my twitter, I'm a little addicted to foursquare badges. They do absolutely nothing and I can't even get stickers of them like you can from GetGlue. But I still need to get as many as I can. I will just walk around the city to check into places to get badges. ANYWAY, a few months back, when the Pee-wee show on Broadway first opened, Pee-wee started a little campaign with fourquare, in which one could earn a Pee-wee badge by first being his friend on foursquare, and then checking into 2 or 3 places Pee-wee checked in to. There were plenty right near my office, so I got this fairly easily. It's a great badge, it looks like his suit. I was happy. I did not know anything else would come of it.

THEN, a couple months after that, I get an email that basically says: "Dear Foursquare Badge-holder, We're having a drawing for free tickets to see Pee-wee on Broadway for a special taping of the show to air on HBO. To enter, blah blah blah." So I entered. AND I WON! 'Twas VERY exciting. Luckily I had nothing planned for that day, so I went.

And it WAS GREAT! I realised once the show started that I knew A LOT more than I thought I did about Pee-wee. I remembered SO much! I completely forgot about Penny, which was my favourite bit on that show. Not to mention Ptery and Globey! Of course there was Chairy, but I never forgot her. It was a GREAT show. Funny and fun and very nostalgic. If I hadn't been watching the last ever production, I would've been telling EVERYONE to go see it. So I'm super glad I got the chance and I thank you very much, foursquare!

But it gets better! More fourquare awesomeness! SO, at the end of the show, Pee-wee mentions that in a couple days there will be a foursquare PARTY at the new Bowlmor Lanes in Times Square (the original is in Union Square) for a select few of the badge-holders who ask to participate. I get ANOTHER email asking about this and I RSVP and the next day I'm told I can go! WOOT! Now, while this was a bowling party, I really didn't feel like bowling, so I just sat at the bar with my friend and tried some of their food. About an hour in, Pee-wee shows up and makes his way around the entire party saying hello to everyone that came. SUCH a sweetheart. He even actually OFFERED to take pictures without me even asking! I absolutely adore him now. He won me over. Too bad it's at the end of the Pee-wee train... I don't know how much more he can do with the character, but I'm considering buying the DVD set of the show... :-P

So meeting Pee-wee was definitely the highlight, but the whole experience was really cool and I only have foursquare to thank. So no longer can I be made fun of for my badge addiction! :-) (Side note: I also got $5 admission to the Whitney with my Whitney badge the other day — that's a $13 savings people!!!)

Anyway, last thing I want to tell you peeps, is that the HBO taping I went to IS AIRING THIS WEEKEND! March 19th, to be exact! Set your DVRs and watch this! I will admit, if you know NOTHING of Pee-wee, you might not enjoy it quite as much, but it's still a good time. Check it out: Pee-wee on HBO!

The End.

I Suck

I'm just posting that I suck for not posting. I might just pretend that time hasn't passed and just post about stuff I've been doing as if I just did them. haha

Yeah... that's the ticket!

The End.

PS I blame twitter! All my good stuff goes there!

18 January 2011

Guns & the Second Amendment (as explained by SNL)

I don't like guns. I don't like that I've lived with people who own guns (because of their jobs), I don't want a gun in my house and I kind of think it's creepy that people want to keep guns in their house. I DEFINITELY think it's creepy when they want to carry them ON them wherever they go.

Recently (well, like 9 months ago) I actually went to a gun range for the first time because I made a promise to a friend. He had convinced me to try it with this line: "Nothing scares Conservative Republicans more than a liberal atheist that knows how to use a gun." And I will NOT deny that it was fun. In A COMPLETELY SAFE AND CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT. This place was STRICT. You always had an instructor next to you, YOU were not allowed to load the gun and if you even turned slightly away from the firing direction, you would be stopped and reprimanded (here I am with a rifle with my instructor). In those conditions, I can't help but admit I had a BLAST (pun intended)! :-)

But the personal ownership of guns...I don't know. It's just creepy. Granted, it MAY come in handy in self-defense (although, at least in NYC, I believe you have to keep it locked up so that could hinder it's actual use), but there's too much risk of unintentional damage. You always hear about people accidentally shooting themselves or family members. And I actually went to collage with a kid who's friend accidentally shot and killed him. It's terrible. And personally, while I supposed I'd rather kill or be killed...well, I REALLY don't want to kill anyone.

Anyway, I think guns are a little too easy to come by in this country. Though, I'm not sure how to fix it because the criminal always seem to find ways to get illegal things...but I feel like being able to buy guns in a Walmart or something, with like a week's wait or whatever, is just not enough. And why do people need to own them so badly!? And so MANY! One of my favourite comedians, Eddie Izzard, makes a joke about kids only having to go to their "grandfather's arsenal" to get ahold of guns. There's that like 6-year-old kid in Bowling for Columbine that Michael Moore talks about who takes someone's gun to school and kills a little girl. There should have been NO WAY for that kid to get his hands on a gun!!!! But people teach their kids to shoot guns from very young ages! And I suppose it's good for them to at least KNOW how to handle it, but...I don't know, I feel like their not old enough to REALLY understand the consequences yet.

Maybe it's because of where I live that I don't want a gun? I recall being in a London hostel back in (I think) 2004 where this older gentleman was (co-ed room hostel) was staying for a night or two to look at some artifact or something (the hostel is right by the British Museum). He was from Texas and somehow we ended up talking about guns (weird...) but when I said I would NOT want a gun EVER, he was surprised. He said he thought we all wanted guns up here but out government wouldn't let us! I said I didn't know that many people that actually wanted to own a gun (and even the ones that did, wanted them for recreational purposes, not for protection). He didn't understand, he asked about protecting ourselves or our property and I said that's what the police were for. He said the police would take a half an hour to get to his home by him. Which I suppose, if that were the case, I might want my own protection as well. I don't know.

Anyway, this all comes up because of what I thought was a great and funny little bit on SNL's Weekend Update last Saturday.

Well, anyway, I don't really know what's to be done about this. I think a lot of it might be because of something like what I was talking about with that Texan. I think our country is just so damn large that the experiences I can have are so completely different some someone in, say, Texas. It DOES seem to be more of the southern states that are so pro-gun, but that might not be true and just my perception.

What do YOU think of the gun situation in our country?

The End.

PS Here's the Eddie Izzard bit that I love!

PPS One last thing, one of my favourite Eminem lines is from the song "Who Knew": "So who's bringing the guns in this country? I couldn't sneak a plastic pellet gun through customs over in London."

11 January 2011

Sketchbook Series #9

I know, I know, I've been neglecting the blog... I can't help it! There's too much social media out there! I've got my twitter, facebook & now I even mess around with tumblr (I call it "Kitty's Pryde Supplemental, so check it out if you like this blog at all — which I assume you do if you're reading this...)! And of course, this blog. I will try to be better. I figured I'd start with a new Sketchbook Series as I have neglected THAT too. :-P

This one is from Bill Plympton who is AWESOME. I got this when I first started the sketchbook at MOCCA. He was telling me about Idiots & Angels, an animated film he was working on at the time (which this sketch is from). It was FINALLY completed towards the end of last year. I saw him again on the Comic Book Club. Unfortunately, I think I missed it's limited run in the theater here, but I will definitely pick it up when it's released on DVD.

If you don't know who he is, you should. I have a few of his books with his very interesting and often very funny cartoons. You MIGHT recognise his work from MTV as well! His cartoons used to air inbetween stuff. Like THIS one:

Anyway, I love this sketch, it's a prized one. And he was very cool on the Comic Book Club and at MOCCA. A really good friend of mine — who, along with his brother, introduced me to Bill Plympton — mostly just likes to make music, but recently ventured into the world of publishing with his first self-published collection of cartoons, The Blurry World Vol. 1. I suggested they attend MOCCA last year and they did. Much to his happiness, he was able to get a copy of his book to Bill and was complimented for it, completely making the MOCCA experience so great for him.

I like this guy. :) Check out his stuff!!

The End.