22 May 2011

Oh the Rapture. LOLZ!

So yesterday came and went and nothing happened. SURPRISE! Not much to say, but I felt I had to post SOMEthing. Man, it's sad how gullible some people are. I mean, I KNOW I am at times, but THIS... THIS  is just insane. Anyway, here are a couple of my favourite post-Rapture related things I saw on facebook:

Why the Rapture didn't happen (posted by my friend Chris Giarrusso):

And this funny little video (posted by Truth-Saves.com):

So there you go. I'm sorry but I just don't feel bad laughing at these people. I do feel A LITTLE bad about those that spent their life savings trying to spread the word. Oh well. I HOPE they learned their lesson.

The End.

PS As an added bonus, my friend posted this little gem: The Onion strikes again! It's about some dumb people's reactions to an Onion article, b/c apparently they'd never heard of it. Come on, people! My PARENTS know what the Onion is!!! What's even more worrisome are these ideas about abortions... Condoms are silent abortions??!?!?!!? Yes. No wonder we have more people than can be fed in this world. Sigh.

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