07 June 2011

Memory Lane

I took a Google Maps trip down memory lane, "walking" around the neighborhood I lived in when I "studied" in London for three months back in 2001. I can't believe it was 10 years ago that I lived there! This is the building I lived in, my flat was on the top floor, which our landlord had had priced at $1 million pounds back then. 

The Landward! My flat # was 45!

Flat 45 was at the top floor!
Should'a spent more time here!
The Victory pub was directly across the street and I regret never really spending any time in there. I was near tears looking at this and I'm sure I WILL be in tears when I'm in London in September and walk around there as I do every time I go back to London. I went back to London every year for 5 consecutive years after my semester there, but I've not been able to afford it since 2006. I'm so happy to finally be able to go back to my second home. I would give so much relive that time again. It's definitely in the top 3 greatest experiences of my life. I still really wish I could live in London again. As long as I'm loving working at Marvel, though, I just can't do it. Maybe one day...

I also used Google maps to "walk past" my favourite street in London (at least of the ones I've seen). I used to pass this little street on the way to school and I just feel in love with how cool it looked. Funnily enough, only until I was there in 2005 with my friend did I ever actually walk down it. It just seemed so private, I felt like I shouldn't. This street is Montagu Mews West. "Mews" streets are super awesome, I wish I could live in one, but they must be super expensive. Man, why can't I just be rich and have everything I want!?!?

Well, at least I get to go back and visit soon! I really can't wait, I think about it every single day. Yay! (And also, I'm EXTRA excited to visit Berlin for the first time too and try out some of the German I've been studying!)

The End.

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Copyboy said...

I got to get to London! It looks so cool! BTW...made you new blog of the day.