27 August 2009

Sketchbook Series #6

So it appears I'm going to take my sweet time posting about the San Diego Comic Con. I DO still want to do it, but as my hard drive failed, I've been pre-occupied. I do believe I uploaded SOME photos, so I will be able to do SOMEthing, I definitely lost some as well. ::sigh::

So in the meantime...Sketchbook post!!! Today's spotlight is on Reilly Brown! He's a nice guy and very talented artist whose work has been gracing the pages of Marvel comics for awhile now, on books like Cable & Deadpool and New Warriors.

For me, he did this BEAUTIFUL Rogue! (As most of you know, she's my favourite!)

He's the only one that used both pages! And what a great idea!!

::sigh:: Man, I wish I could draw... not that I ever REALLY put any effort into it... can't it just come naturally, please?!?! :-P

Thanks, Reilly, for helping make my sketchbook rock!

The End.

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