13 August 2009

Random Images

Here are some random images I've found on my desktop (I'm trying to clean it up), saved just because I liked them:

OK...these are just retarded cute:

Well...if you know me at all... haha:

This one speaks for itself:

The following I found on Joshua Middleton's blog. He's one of my favourite comic artists. Aren't these gorgeous?

My good pal, Chris Giarrusso's comic G-Man: Cape Crisis! This is the cover to issue #1 (ON SALE NOW! GET IT!). Princess Roja on there is AWESOME! ;-)

Evolution of Link!! What's not to love!

Hahahahaha This makes me laugh every time!

Oh and here are the manga avatars of myself I've made. These things are fun!

The first two are made with Manga.com - Avatar Face Maker and the last one is from Face Your Manga! Both fun!

The End.