04 August 2009

Good Questions!

Found on The Atheist Experience blog comments. Funny...in a not-so-funny way. But really?! This is basically what "god" does!

(The commenter saw found these question somewhere on the World Wide Web. Edit: Tyler was the commentor and he's provided the link for the "quiz"! Thanks!)

1)You are a product tester and frequently bring your work home. Yesterday, while dressed in a flame resistant suit (up to 3,000 degrees) and carrying the latest model fire extinguisher, you discover your neighbor's house is on fire. As the flames quickly spread, you stand and watch your neighbor's new baby burn to death. Which of the following best describes your behavior?

1. All-powerful
2. All-knowing
3. All-loving
4. Mysterious

2)A great sadness has come into your life which you feel you cannot bear. A friend informs you of a free counseling service which has never failed to aid and comfort many others. You call the counselor; the phone rings and rings with no answer; you finally hang up. What is the most likely explanation?

1. The counselor is sitting by the phone but not answering in order to test your faith in him
2. The counselor always stands ready to hear your pleas for help, but sometimes the answer is "no"
3. The counselor will not answer because he wants you to profit by the spiritual strength that only comes through suffering
4. The counselor is not home

The End.


Tyler Olsen said...

You forgot to include a link to the full quiz!

Religion 101

I think most of the questions on there are pretty good ones to ask, but a few I feel are unnecessary or just not worded that well. I am tempted to make some modifications to this quiz to improve it. I'd definitely like to have one of my theist friends (who doesn't mind discussing these matters with me) take it and then to have a conversation with her about it.

DarkDragon247 said...

Tyler is right! How do I know how much points I get??? ;)