24 November 2009

Some REALLY SMART Palin Supporters (That's Sarcasm)

I know this isn't ALL the Palin supporters out there, but it's still pretty funny. How can you be SO supportive of a political person to stand in line for hours waiting to meet her if you know practically NOTHING about her policies. Its so sad how easily people are brainwashed!

The End.

PS Didn't think I'd be using that Palin tag again after the election. Ugh.

21 November 2009

In Honour of New Moon

I'm actually looking forward to New Moon despite the fact that the FIRST Twilight movie was a pile of poo. Mostly this is because of Jacob. As I've mentioned before I am in love with Jacob. Not so much the actor (though he's gotten pretty cute), as the character, but either way, they're both in the new movie. I'm also pretty excited for Dakota Fanning being in it. I love that girl. I'm hoping the fact that the first movie (miraculously) made a bunch of money, they'll spend a little more on this one. THe "glitter in the sun" effect in the first one just made Edward look sweaty. Ew.

ANYWAY. So I was watching Saturday Night Live from a few weeks ago, with special guest Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift, as some of you may know, is DATING the actor who plays Jacob. You might also know that HIS name is ALSO Taylor. This I find to be ridiculous. It is probably the reason that the Digital Short for the episode was made, though. And THAT was fantastic. I present it here for you. Enjoy!

Ha! Love it! And Taylor does a great job impersonating the ridiculously over-acted Bella. ;-)

The End.

16 November 2009

For the Love of Music

Warning! The following post is very corny! ;-P

So I fucking LOVE music. I know that's a fairly general statement. I mean, LOTS of people love music. But that doesn't take away from how much I love it. And recently I've been loving it even more. I've been having a rough time of it lately, not being at my happiest (love, home and money problems...yes, I am the ONLY ONE with these problems. ;-P).

But it's amazing how much better I can feel when listening to some good music. Sometimes it's the lyrics, some songs have hopeful lyrics or there's something in them I can relate to. But often it's just an emotional response to the music itself. Either way, I'm crushing on music HARD lately. ;-)

For example, yesterday while driving somewhere, I put on a Kaiser Chiefs album and the music just perked me right up. I put it louder and there was like a swelling in my chest that put me in a much better, I-could-kick-the-world's-ass-right-now, mood.

And this past Thursday, I got to enjoy An Evening with Fran Healy & Andy Dunlop (of Travis). It was amazing. Billed as "A Chronological Acoustical Journey Through The Travis Back Catalogue," the pair played all their hits in between telling stories of how the writing of these songs came about — complete with a slide show! Fran did pretty much all of the talking, and he did it well. Charming and funny, I fell in love with him. (Though I kinda already was.) It was definitely in the top three shows I've ever seen.

And the music made me cry. But in a good way. I really think Travis' songs are just beautiful. And Fran even talked about how music was priceless which was great to hear when I was standing there, tears in my eyes, big smile on my face and just a powerful feeling that everything will be ok. (Sadly, the feeling kinda faded as the show moved further into the past...)

See? Told you it would be corny. Sometimes it just has to be done! :-)

Anyway, here are some pics...

Fran with his hot tea. Haha Just think he looks adorable with his guitar and teacup! :-P

I got to meet them after! Stuck around until 1AM to do so! It was really cool of them to do this (I believe they hung around to meet anyone who wanted to after every show on the tour). They were super sweet and Fran took this picture himself! Well done!

Fran joked after seeing this picture that he needed a haircut. I agree actually. He looks so much cuter with short hair. Both of them do actually:

Very loosely related: This weekend I played DJ Hero at a friend's house. And I kicked ass (for a first-timer). I need this game! Too bad it's so frakkin' expensive...

Oh and I just came from a wedding which is why I'm wearing that fancy dress! :-P

The End.

05 November 2009

Funny Religion-Related Things Found on Internet

Just a couple funny religion-related images I found on the internet! (Wow! Just as the title suggests! :-P)

Found this on Blag Hag (one of my new favourite blogs by a fellow atheist Jennifer!):

This was twittered by the same Jennifer and found here:

Sent to me by my co-worker (here's the link):

I can't remember where I got this, think I found it on twitter...hilarious!

The End.

03 November 2009

Re-livin' the 80s!!

So a local bar where I live (Cargo Cafe) had a fantastic event last weekend... An 80s Prom! I was wary of this at first, but as I started to gather materials for the big dance, I got more and more into it...

The decorated the bar very appropriately, calling it the Cargo High Senior Prom 1984...

Lace gloves & bangles are key, as well as the top-of-the-head ponytail (complete with bow - though I only had one with skulls on it :-P)...

Yes...I'm dancin' to 80s music. You would too. You KNOW you would...

Someone took a picture of feet, I'm in the upper left corner. It's one of the only pics where you see the effort I put in! Pink fishnets, mis-matching socks AND mis-matching Cons!! :-)

Really not much more to say, except this party was FANTASTIC. A live band played 80s covers, there was a space set up for the classic couple prom pictures, complete with pink and blue backdrop, and lots of people looking fantasticly ridiculous! :-)

The best part of this is that I was a mere 0-9 in the 80s, so I never got to fully appreciate it until after the fact. I've no doubt this is what I would have looked like had I been a teen in the 80s! :-P

PS If you're ever on Staten Island, Cargo is a cool bar with great food! Check it out!

The End.