21 November 2009

In Honour of New Moon

I'm actually looking forward to New Moon despite the fact that the FIRST Twilight movie was a pile of poo. Mostly this is because of Jacob. As I've mentioned before I am in love with Jacob. Not so much the actor (though he's gotten pretty cute), as the character, but either way, they're both in the new movie. I'm also pretty excited for Dakota Fanning being in it. I love that girl. I'm hoping the fact that the first movie (miraculously) made a bunch of money, they'll spend a little more on this one. THe "glitter in the sun" effect in the first one just made Edward look sweaty. Ew.

ANYWAY. So I was watching Saturday Night Live from a few weeks ago, with special guest Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift, as some of you may know, is DATING the actor who plays Jacob. You might also know that HIS name is ALSO Taylor. This I find to be ridiculous. It is probably the reason that the Digital Short for the episode was made, though. And THAT was fantastic. I present it here for you. Enjoy!

Ha! Love it! And Taylor does a great job impersonating the ridiculously over-acted Bella. ;-)

The End.

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