30 September 2009


I've been neglecting you, blog. First it was to watch Veronica Mars. I stopped doing that b/c I'm afraid of the ending. I fell in love with this fella:

His name is Logan Echolls. I am nervous as to how the show will end (was cancelled near the end of Season 3), so I have been putting off watching the last 8 or so episodes.

THEN I got into this Twilight nonsense! They're ridiculously girlie, young adult, romance novels, involving vampires that glitter in the sun and werewolves that change whenever they want to and protect people. As if you didn't already know. I've read the first two (each only took two days) and I'm on the third. I'll have read the forth by middle next week, I'm sure. I love them. And now I love THIS fella:

Though I don't actually like this actor or anything (I mean, he's OK...certainly better looking than the creepy-looking kid who play the vampire lead), but he's the physical representation of the character in the book that I've fallen for, Jacob Black. ::sigh::
So these things have kept me occupied. It's getting a bit ridiculous. I expect soon to be living completely in a fantasy world made up of all my favourite books, movies & TV shows. It's sad. Pity me.

Meanwhile I have dreams where Hurly from Lost is a classmate of mine and in some weird gathering to talk about a reunion, he freaks out like in a vampire-esque rage, I'm told he as an iron deficiency in his blood, he tries to attack us, I stab him in the back with this giant steak knife and run, he chases after me (pretty fast, all things considered) until he catches up with me talking to an older woman walking her dog who offers him a poundcake. About then I wake up. Ridiculous.

The End.
PS As I mentioned I haven't finished either Veronica or Twilight...PLEASE...NO SPOILERS!

EDIT: OK, after watching the New Moon trailer, I find the Jacob Black actor much hotter...though, he's only 17 and that makes me uncomfortable! haha



MichaelK said...

But, that second guy... I mean, really, those are some seriously beady little eyes.

It just freaks me out a little is all.

Jennifer Juniper said...

I know. I'm not, like, thrilled with the actor, as I said, but there's no drawing of the character or anything so I used that.

But really, I still think he's better looking than the Edward actor. Ugh. And THAT character is supposed to be the most beautiful male ever too. Ridiculous.

On a side note, its funny that you say that about his "beady eyes." Until now, I thought Conan O'Brien was the only person I ever thought had truly "beady eyes." But apparently not so! You are correct! haha

Anonymous said...

If i was a Vampire Jenn... i would bite you... and yes, i am the same anonymous from a bit ago who wouldn't tell you who i was.....


Jennifer Juniper said...

OK, Anonymous, now you're just being creepy!

Gimme a hint!

MichaelK said...

I really wanted to bust out a video of Howard having the squint-off with this double from Mighty Boosh, but I'll be arsed if I can find it. Now THOSE are some beady little eyes!

But as far as the Twilight actors, eh, all they really have to do is look good on the cover of Teen Beat and Bop or whatever, you know?

Also, I think Anonymous may be an Edwin.