02 October 2009


Found on The New Atheist:

This makes me so frakkin' angry!!!! Firstly, the kids' songs are harmless. It's not like they're droning on about the light that shines from Obama's face or anything. One of 'em just says "Hooray" for his accomplishments or something and talks about how all "colors" of people are equal. OK, so that guy shouting about Obama saving the world is a bit much... But really?? We're the best country because we respect "God's authority"?! NO other country does this?! What about Israel? I can't imagine a country that prays more to god and follows religious rules, etc. Their country is torn to shit. And anyway, I don't really think we're the best anymore. (Not sure if I ever did, I don't know everything there is to know about all other countries to be able to make that call.) But certainly we're not the greatest place to live right now. And it started BEFORE Obama. (Cuz I'm sure that's what this asshole would say to that.)

Man, I've only seen snippets of the shit that spews from this guy's mouth, mostly just repeated clips of him calling Obama a racist. Yeah. Genius. I think this is the longest I've watched him and I think about the limit of what I can take.

Just frakkin' horrendous.

A VOID! We have a VOID to fill because we don't believe in god!! AAAHHH!! This shit drives me CRAZY! How the hell can someone assume that shit about other people! And the stuff he says we fill it with? Are you says people who believe in god don't want or say those things? Arrrggh!!!

I have to stop now. Blech!

The End.


MichaelK said...

Beck exists to provoke and infuriate. He's a former radio "morning crazy guy" DJ, and never really stopped being one. He couldn't become a shock jock when that came into vogue, so he moved on to talk radio... and somehow he got on cable.

However, if you'd like to see him mocked mercilessly (and evidence that he can't take what he dishes out) there's always http://www.gb1990.com/

William Owen said...

At point should Beck be brought into any conversation about anything. He adds nothing to debate, and his ideas and opinions exist only to invoke fear and anger, rather than to bring about communication, mutual respect for different opinions, and understanding.