20 October 2009

Regretsy Rocks!

OK, so I DO like etsy.com. I DO! I've seen some cool stuff on there. But, REGRETSY.COM, now that shit is FUNNY!

My co-worker sent me the link to this fine product (b/c of my love of Twilight of course), which introduced me to the site and I instantly fell in love:

Please note the comment under the listing: "Oh this is a great idea. Giant vinyl lettering on your wall that tells every new sex partner you'd rather be fucking a dead teenager." HAHAHAHA (Doesn't offend me though, b/c I love the one that turns into a giant dog... ;-P)

So basically, the site just finds the most ridiculous crap being sold on Etsy and brings it to your attention with quite hilarious comments on the subject (they DO link to the products, though, so if you actually like something, you can go buy it!). Here are some more examples:

I cannot believe these things exist!! And this one below, might taste good, sure, but yes, it looks disgusting:

I can already see the hours wasted looking at this stuff... ah, I really am thankful for smart-asses!

The End.

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