08 October 2009

Sketchbook Series #7

Finally finished Twilight...still have yet to finish Veronica Mars... Eventually, hopefully, I'll actually get back on track to post stuff as they happen (will post soon about a roller derby I attended a couple weeks ago). Meantime...sketchbook series!!!

This sketchbook series post is from... ANDY MACDONALD!! Oooooh! Preeeetttty!!!

This weekend is the Baltimore Comicon and up until today I was going to go. Events occurred however preventing this from happening, so sadly I won't be there. If YOU are attending, please stop by Andy MacDonald's table! He's an amazing artist (as you can CLEARLY see above)! While he's done a few comics for us over here at Marvel (Punisher War Journal, Miss America Comics 70th Anniversary Special), I think his primary work is featured in NYCMech and I believe he contributed to the Tori Amos inspired collection Comic Book Tattoo!

I recommended getting a commission from him as he does a wonderful job. He's also got some pretty cool t-shirts available. (I got one of this robot shark, super cool!) If you DO stop by, say hello for me!

The End.

PS For the ladies/gay lads...he's QUITE a handsome fella, that alone is enough reason to stop by! haha ;-P

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