25 February 2009

I'm Going to North Carolina!

So the good people over at Acme Comics in North Carolina are bringing me, along with good friends Chris Giarrusso & Jim McCann, to their store next weekend for a signing! Sweet! I've never been there before and I'm really looking forward to it! PLUS! I get to visit a good friend of mine who recently moved out there to get her Ph.D. (she's a smarty-pants)! I'm also keen on seeing their shop, because in case you hadn't noticed, I'm a comic-book geek! ;-)

In preparation, they did a quick interview with me! Check it out! (And if you live in NC, come to the signing!)

Acme Comics website

The End.

19 February 2009

Sketchbook Series #3

In honour of the new installment of Scott Pilgrim – one of my favourite current comic-book series – I present my Brian Lee O'Malley sketch of Ramona Flowers:

I got this one pretty early in the life of my sketchbook – it's like #5 or so – at the San Diego Comicon last year. This wasn't the first time I met Brian, nor hit him up for a sketch. Back in the first or second year of the MOCCA Art Festival, I met Brian when he was sitting with my good friend Christine Norrie. He had just drawn an arc of Hopeless Savages so I asked him for a sketch of Skank Zero and he did an awesome job (I'll have to scan that in and show you guys).

If you haven't read Scott Pilgrim, you should. It's a super fun comic about a boy, his band and his girl... and how he has to defeat her evil ex-boyfriends so he can be with her! Fun and funny and definitely cool for those who grew up loving Mario-style video games. Each defeat rewards Scott with money and/or prizes! And now its being made into a major motion picture starring everybody's favourite shy boy, Michael Cera! Check it out!

The End.

PS I love this page as I, too, am a graduate. ;-)

09 February 2009

I've Got Those After-Con Blues...

So, the New York Comicon didn't disappoint. As usual, I had a great time, little sleep and lots o' booze. As mentioned in my last post, I missed out on Friday night con time, which I think helped contribute to this convention feeling especially quick.

I WANTED to get up early on Saturday and get down to the convention around 11 so I could walk around a bit and maybe go to a panel, but after Friday night's big drink-up, I was in no condition and JUST made it to the booth for my 1PM shift of "booth duty." I honestly don't mind booth duty as I love talking to people. Also, all my friends know to find me there, so I get to catch up while working. This time, I was even asked to judge the costume contest at 4PM and we ended up going with an awesome Bucky Cap with honorable mentions for an Ant-Man & Wasp couple and a itty bitty little Wolverine (he was like 4 years old and ADORABLE...and I don't even LIKE kids!).

I finally got to meet David Lafuente (AWESOME fella, who actually just stopped by my desk on his office visit) and he drew the cutest little Kitty Pryde in my sketchbook! I then spent the last two hours of the day walking around with my good pal, Scott, just talking to all our comic book friends. Ran into Christina Strain who that the most ADORABLE giant, stuffed, pink octopus she got from the Squishables booth, so of course, I had to go get one. Softest thing you've ever felt, and I just might order the lion from their website.

And then after the con...CHESTERFEST! C.B. Cebulski's famous con party which was a BLAST, as usual. Most of my favourite people were there (there were a few missing I would have liked to have seen) and lots of alcohol consumed. I did my first ever Irish Carbomb egged on by Mike Choi, David Lafuente & Kalman Andrasofszky...and then I did my second. haha They really DO taste good!

I managed to stay alive and actually get back to the con the next day, picked up my sketchbook from this amazing artist I found! His name is Christopher Uminga, please check out his work, it's awesome. He did a beautiful Snowbird for me, eventually I'll get it scanned and up (I've been slacking with my sketchbook posts, I know, I'll pick that up again soon). Also did some more walking around and talking to friends, which was good because it kept me from buying too much more. The only other things I picked up were t-shirts, one a Spidey heart and one a robot shark by the wonderfully talented Andy MacDonald, artist of NYC Mech, among other things. (I am wearing the shark shirt today, and I must say, is incredibly soft and comfortable).

I am a little sad a missed out on a few parties that were going on last night, but I was wiped out. I went home early, watched Pineapple Express and Friday night's episode of Battlestar Galactica and was in bed by 11:30. As usual, I didn't get to see as many people as I wanted nor spend as much time with those I DID see as I wanted. Luckily we've had a stream of peeps still coming in today that I got to see and I suspect I'll be seeing a few more for the rest of the week.

I'm pretty bummed that I forgot to take any pictures this weekend (if anyone's got any with me, please send 'em my way), but I DID take this fantastic green screen pic at the Marvel booth with my good friend, Scott. Haha Fun!

The End.

07 February 2009

New York Comicon Day 1

I didn't even make it to the actual convention yet, and already, I'm exhausted! Lots of drinking and catching up with all my favourite people in comics last night after work.

Today I'll be at the Marvel booth from 1-4. I was attempting to get there by 11AM, but as I just woke up and it's nearly 10AM, I don't think that's happening.

Then tonight: CHESTERFEST! Woot! Then back to the con tomorrow to try to wrangle some mosre sketches from these awesome artists we got workin' for us. David Lafuente, this means YOU! ;-)

See some o' ya there!

The End.

04 February 2009

The ONLY Good Thing About Snow...

It's pretty! After seeing Equus (pretty good, but VERY strange play...with Harry Potter's willy flapping about) with one of my best friends, I walked towards to the bus and just had to stop and take these pictures of Bryant Park (and the 42nd St. library). Ah, I love New York City...

This is the only good thing about snow. Normally, I hate the FRAK out of it. But as it has STOPPED snowing when I took these and barely any of it stuck to the sidewalks, I was able to appreciate how pretty it can be.

Though I was less happy with it when I got back home to my car and had to scrape snow off it for 15 minutes. ::sigh::

The End.

02 February 2009

Aaaaaand...Here It Is!

So, I got the tat! Yay! As per my usual M.O...I got sick. Haha Every time I get tattooed, pierced...or even when I first put my contact lenses in for the first time...I nearly pass out. I think I get it from my mom's side of the family. This time I think I went a few minutes longer than last time before I had to make him stop, but then I like lost the strength to hold up my head and nearly lost consciousness. Sat there for awhile with sweat dripping down my face and back, sipping orange juice until it passed. But then I was able to get through the rest, no problem...well, it hurt like frak (though not NEARLY as much as Lockheed did), but I no more sick!

And anyway, at least I didn't throw up this time which is what happened with the lion tramp stamp! hahaha

SO! On to the tattoo!! I got the music for "I get by with a little help from my friends" wrapped around my upper forearm, just above my cat tattoo. :) I love the Beatles and that line is very much..."me." I'm extremely happy with it! Yay! Here's pics!

The End.

PS I've gotten all 5 tattoos from Ron & Dave's Tattooing on Staten Island. They are ALL amazing tattooists and I trust them completely. I've only gotten tattooed by Chris Lopez (all the black ones) and Ted Wallen (Lockheed), but Dave Lopez is just as fantastic as those two (and they're all really cool guys too which is important to me so I feel comfortable). If you're looking for a place to get tattooed, look no furthur! :)

PPS For you comic fans out there, fun fact! Ted Wallen tattooed Mark Brooks when he used to live in Atlanta! :) I only found out when I friended Ted on myspace and he saw Mark in my top friends! Sweet!

PPPS Even though I nearly passed out, I want already want another tattoo... haha