19 February 2009

Sketchbook Series #3

In honour of the new installment of Scott Pilgrim – one of my favourite current comic-book series – I present my Brian Lee O'Malley sketch of Ramona Flowers:

I got this one pretty early in the life of my sketchbook – it's like #5 or so – at the San Diego Comicon last year. This wasn't the first time I met Brian, nor hit him up for a sketch. Back in the first or second year of the MOCCA Art Festival, I met Brian when he was sitting with my good friend Christine Norrie. He had just drawn an arc of Hopeless Savages so I asked him for a sketch of Skank Zero and he did an awesome job (I'll have to scan that in and show you guys).

If you haven't read Scott Pilgrim, you should. It's a super fun comic about a boy, his band and his girl... and how he has to defeat her evil ex-boyfriends so he can be with her! Fun and funny and definitely cool for those who grew up loving Mario-style video games. Each defeat rewards Scott with money and/or prizes! And now its being made into a major motion picture starring everybody's favourite shy boy, Michael Cera! Check it out!

The End.

PS I love this page as I, too, am a graduate. ;-)


Unknown said...

if you haven't already, you should send that scan to bryan. he likes when people do that because otherwise he's doing these sketches and then never seeing them again. he posts them on his blog

-Starbuck, totally reading your blog

Colin said...

I, unfortunately, could only afford Xavier's Correspondence Course for Juvenile Delinquents...