27 January 2010

Scientology Strikes Again!

Came across this on the interwebs: Scientologist's "heal" Haiti quake victims using touch

Yeah, you read that right. I'd say more, but I really don't have to. You'll see how stupid it is for yourself when you read it.


The End.

26 January 2010

Wow, this guy is an IDIOT!

This guy: Health Ranger

Found on the Atheist Experience, this guy was pissed he didn't win some Health Shorty Award or some shit (some Twitter award) and so, wrote an article claiming to tell people what skeptics "really believe."

I read the article in the form of someone debunking said article. Pure idiocy. This guy just makes shit up! It's long, but worth it. Please read!

Here's my favourite bit! Completely ignorant!! (Blue is "The Health Ranger," red is the smart person's response.)

• Skeptics believe that the human body has no ability to defend itself against invading microorganism and that the only things that can save people from viral infections are vaccines.

This is absolutely hilarious, because it really goes to show just how little the Health Ranger knows about basic, grade-school science. The reason vaccines work is because of the immune system. When the immune system is exposed to new pathogens, it develops weapons to fight them, so it's already prepared the next time there's an encounter. What vaccines do is make the initial encounter harmless. Instead of encountering the pathogen in the wild and hoping your body survives long enough to develop the virus-specific weaponry, you encounter the virus--or parts of the virus--in a controlled situation. Your body is made aware of the threat and prepares accordingly, so that when you do encounter the wild pathogen, you're already ready.

It's the difference between trying to fashion wooden stakes and crosses in the middle of a full-on surprise vampire invasion, and finding a weakened vampire crawling into town so you can stockpile stakes and garlic before the dangerous ones show up. I know which situation I'd rather be in: forewarned is forearmed.
It's just unreal.

The End.


I mentioned last time that there were some big things coming up in my life, but I wasn't quite sure what yet, but now I am:

I'm FINALLY leaving Staten Island!!!!!! I'd say "Praise the Lord" if I believed! ;-)

This is huge, HUGE! AND FANTASTIC! (That's what she said.)

So here's the story, if you're interested. I have been living in a house I rent with two roommates for the last 5 1/2 years. It's a nice-sized house with plenty of storage, a yard and a garage. And it was pretty frakkin' cheap. It's been very nice living there and I love my boys (what I call my roommates) very, very much. SO I was very sad (though happy for him) when one of 'em told me he was getting engaged and moving out. There was also a chance the other one was going to be moving out as well. My first instinct was panic. What will I do? Where will I go? Can I afford to live on my own?!

I first heard about this in November, but he only got engaged a few weeks ago. Came home one night and told me it was done and that he was probably going to leave by April 1st. ACK! I had exactly ONE idea for who could move in to replace him and that was assuming the other one was staying! Then! Through the magic of facebook, a friend from college posted that he needed a new roommate in his two-bedroom apartment in QUEENS!!! At first I immediately dismissed it. While a great place to go, I thought I wouldn't be able to afford it and that he would need someone sooner than I would be ready.

I slept on it. Woke up the next morning and it was all I could think about. I'm actually originally from Queens, so I kept thinking how cool it would be to go back. By the time I got to work I figured it couldn't hurt to take a look. Texted my friend and he seemed excited by the prospect of having me as a roommate (which certainly helped convince me). Then I started working out expenses and how I've been cutting back lately in preparation for this and I realised it was actually doable!!

Of course, I ran it past my mother making sure I could borrow a little money if need be for moving or whatever and was given a green light. All I had to do was see the place and I was in! Took my mom to see it and we both loved it and she liked him. She said she was relieved to see that it was a nice place with a nice person and became more excited for me (though, yes, she's sad I won't be 10 minutes away anymore).

And so, less than a week after I was told my life was changing, I made a decision that would change it even more. My current commute is AT LEAST an hour and a half EACH WAY. After this move, it will be cut to just a 1/2 hour! AMAZING. I get 10 hours of my life back every week! While I do have a little less space, I still have a nice amount. I am currently going through all my crap and trying to purge, which I really needed to do anyway. My new roommate is an awesome dude who I've known for 11 years (though I only really saw a couple times a year). We have a lot in common, including a love of video games! He's got an XBox & PS3 to which I am adding my Wii! SWEET.

There's tons of shit in my new neighborhood, tons of friends already live there. This is going to change everything, which is just what I need. Shake things up a bit! I'M SO EXCITED!

Ugh...but first comes the actual move and THAT'S going to be a nightmare... :-P

The End.

14 January 2010

I Don't Know What to Say!

Sorry, I've been negligent...I've been a bit boring lately. Just been playing Rock Band, catching up on my DVR shows and just general sluggishness. I did get a new HDTV also, which has made playing games on my XBox UNREAL! I don't know how I've survived so long with a REGULAR old TV.

I've posted this all over Twitter and facebook, but I'm going to put a new pic here. My frakkin' AWESOME Rock Band! ;-) I call it Cringer Loves Swiftwind. (The obvious choices of Greyskull & Masters of the Universe were taken...sigh.)

Well, hopefully I'll try to keep up better! Some big things going on in my life coming up, hopefully good, but shouldn't be too bad regardless, so I might be a bit distracted. Sorry, my loyal fans! haha (I know that's a myth. :-P) Thanks again for bothering to read this nonsense! <3

The End.

03 January 2010

I Love This Man...

And not just because he's British. ;-) I really need to pick up his new book...