14 January 2010

I Don't Know What to Say!

Sorry, I've been negligent...I've been a bit boring lately. Just been playing Rock Band, catching up on my DVR shows and just general sluggishness. I did get a new HDTV also, which has made playing games on my XBox UNREAL! I don't know how I've survived so long with a REGULAR old TV.

I've posted this all over Twitter and facebook, but I'm going to put a new pic here. My frakkin' AWESOME Rock Band! ;-) I call it Cringer Loves Swiftwind. (The obvious choices of Greyskull & Masters of the Universe were taken...sigh.)

Well, hopefully I'll try to keep up better! Some big things going on in my life coming up, hopefully good, but shouldn't be too bad regardless, so I might be a bit distracted. Sorry, my loyal fans! haha (I know that's a myth. :-P) Thanks again for bothering to read this nonsense! <3

The End.


Anonymous said...

Well I for one am a fan Jen.I'm stoked that I'm getting a Xbox with my income tax money with Guitar Hero (which I prefer over Rock Band,sorry).I had all the Guitar Hero titles up to #3 for PS2 but I sold them in hopes for a Xbox.Well the time is now to rock the house.I'm effing dying to play the Metallica one especially.Keep jamming with Cringer and I hope to see you again at a con or maybe a Acme Comics signing.-Mitch

WanderingSteve said...

Yes...HDTV's rule! Got myself a nice 40" Samsung LCD in September when I got my PS3 slim. Even a game like "Uncharted", which is only 720p resolution, looks absolutely breathtaking on the screen! "Dead Space" is in full 1080p and is drool-worthy! Can't wait until "Final Fantasy XIII" in March (which will also be available for the XBox 360)! ^_^

- Mythical loyal fan ;P

William said...

A myth?! Wait till you see what your fans have in store for you at the SDCC. I certainly didn't do it by myself. You are going aren't you?

Can't have an HDTV without surround sound.

Unknown said...

That is freaking awesome.