26 January 2010


I mentioned last time that there were some big things coming up in my life, but I wasn't quite sure what yet, but now I am:

I'm FINALLY leaving Staten Island!!!!!! I'd say "Praise the Lord" if I believed! ;-)

This is huge, HUGE! AND FANTASTIC! (That's what she said.)

So here's the story, if you're interested. I have been living in a house I rent with two roommates for the last 5 1/2 years. It's a nice-sized house with plenty of storage, a yard and a garage. And it was pretty frakkin' cheap. It's been very nice living there and I love my boys (what I call my roommates) very, very much. SO I was very sad (though happy for him) when one of 'em told me he was getting engaged and moving out. There was also a chance the other one was going to be moving out as well. My first instinct was panic. What will I do? Where will I go? Can I afford to live on my own?!

I first heard about this in November, but he only got engaged a few weeks ago. Came home one night and told me it was done and that he was probably going to leave by April 1st. ACK! I had exactly ONE idea for who could move in to replace him and that was assuming the other one was staying! Then! Through the magic of facebook, a friend from college posted that he needed a new roommate in his two-bedroom apartment in QUEENS!!! At first I immediately dismissed it. While a great place to go, I thought I wouldn't be able to afford it and that he would need someone sooner than I would be ready.

I slept on it. Woke up the next morning and it was all I could think about. I'm actually originally from Queens, so I kept thinking how cool it would be to go back. By the time I got to work I figured it couldn't hurt to take a look. Texted my friend and he seemed excited by the prospect of having me as a roommate (which certainly helped convince me). Then I started working out expenses and how I've been cutting back lately in preparation for this and I realised it was actually doable!!

Of course, I ran it past my mother making sure I could borrow a little money if need be for moving or whatever and was given a green light. All I had to do was see the place and I was in! Took my mom to see it and we both loved it and she liked him. She said she was relieved to see that it was a nice place with a nice person and became more excited for me (though, yes, she's sad I won't be 10 minutes away anymore).

And so, less than a week after I was told my life was changing, I made a decision that would change it even more. My current commute is AT LEAST an hour and a half EACH WAY. After this move, it will be cut to just a 1/2 hour! AMAZING. I get 10 hours of my life back every week! While I do have a little less space, I still have a nice amount. I am currently going through all my crap and trying to purge, which I really needed to do anyway. My new roommate is an awesome dude who I've known for 11 years (though I only really saw a couple times a year). We have a lot in common, including a love of video games! He's got an XBox & PS3 to which I am adding my Wii! SWEET.

There's tons of shit in my new neighborhood, tons of friends already live there. This is going to change everything, which is just what I need. Shake things up a bit! I'M SO EXCITED!

Ugh...but first comes the actual move and THAT'S going to be a nightmare... :-P

The End.


messiahcomplex said...

Whenever possible I try to rent close to where I work, currently I'm a 10 minute walk from work, what I pay extra in rent is covered by what I'm not paying in parking and car wear and tear/insurance. Then again this is possible because I don't live in New York, though it is tempting...

WanderingSteve said...

Congrats on your upcoming move and shorter commute!! I'm originally from Queens as well...we moved to Jersey several months after I was born.

And now that your new roomie has a PS3, you can rent/buy blu ray movies! ^_^ I've been watching "Lost" on blu, and the show looks sweet! Rumor has it the "Back to the Future" trilogy will be hitting blu-ray sometime this year; Great Scott!!! \o/

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh, I'm keeping my car. My parents and friends will still be on Staten Island and to PT it there would take like 2 hours. It's not so bad parking where I am, so I'll keep it.

And I just got a Bluray player with my TV, so I was going to watch Bluray's anyway!