13 December 2011

I Decorates!

FINALLY. I said I was going to do this Thanksgiving weekend but I spent that weekend playing Zelda in my pajamas, so no. Finally got 'round to it this past weekend. Here are some pictures!

I used to always get a real tree in my old apartment, but that one was much bigger. So last year I bought my first fake tree! I figured, if I was gonna get one, I might as well make it easy on myself and get a pre-lit one. Oh man, SO nice. And I got this nice skinny pencil tree to fit right in this corner (where I keep a fan in summer months)!

Here's a little close up of one of my favourite ornaments! ;-)

He has a great responsibility to make my tree look good.

The tree-topper that has adorned my tree for the last 5 years or so! I don't even remember where I got him, but I'm guessing at some sample sale at work!

Hulk SMASH if you no give presents!
I decorate as much as possible, including lights in the bathroom, in my room, around the door outside and one the windows. I also decorate the banisters with red ribbon and THESE guys at the ends! :)

Here's my kitchen table thiset-up (it's one of those ones that like comes out of the wall).

Yes, that is a Chris Giarrusso Mini Marvels as Peanuts framed card!
I have these guys (their names are all Harry) above my doorway (they used to be in my bathroom in the old place) and I've been decorating them for Christmas every year (just below them are these little Sanrio stamps I just got of the characters with Santa hats on!)!

Don't mess with me or you'll end up like the Harrys.
And last but not least, my favourite decoration, I've had it since I was 10 or so!
Merry Christmas, dudes! Cowabunga!
So there you go. This smart-ass atheist still loves Christmas. It's not about Jesus for me (nor for a lot of people, REALLY) and never really has been. I just love the holiday cheer! I love the decorations, the parties, the music (YES, the music), the family time, sending out and getting cards (I MISS SNAIL MAIL) , giving/receiving gifts, just the general good feeling! (And really, you KNOW all this Christmas tree stuff, etc. has NOTHING to do with Jesus in the first place, right? ;-P)

So happy holidays everyone!!!!

The End.



cool x-mass action jen

We Eat Legends said...

Your Christmas appears to have kicked a substantial amount of ass (if this went international we'd have to call it... kickassmas...).
Looking for an opinion on a bunch of poems about Spider-Man (just click on the magical kitties); yours would be a tidy honour.

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

This is my personal desire; whetha you wanna take part in it, is totally up to you --- Why not? Why wouldn’t God Almighty allow us to procreate in Heaven Above if make’n love’s on everyone’s mind these days?? Why not have me as your faithful servant, giving you a backrub, feeding you baklava, HUGE cherries, and Starbuck’s frappaccino and baklava, suckling on thy fingers and toes, many hands, giving you a bath, kissing your feets, caressing you for seven weeks, suckling on your adorable, long nipples, and flying while we make love?? EYE definitely would, miss gorgeous; to have us be as ONE, to be a part of you, surrounding us, enveloped and engulfed by us, going down on Her with my humble, dildo tongue, spinning ’round inside Her love canal with bumps on the shaft for greater pleasure, giving Her orgasm after orgasm for a long time. So, meet me in Heaven, girl, and let’s have a BIG-ol, kick-ass, party-hardy for maaany eons celebrating our resurrection. See ya soon. Lookit ‘MySoulAccomplishment’ first, miss gorgeous girly. Wouldn’t that be totally freeek’n wonderfull for eternity?? If you wanna, I can hardly wait. Love you. God bless you.