30 March 2011

My Friends Are Super Cool! or I Can Colour!

So if you don't know the work of Jacob Chabot, you should. He is one talented muthafuckah! I've previously posted a sketch he did for me in one of my Sketchbook Series posts. WELL, I've got more Jacob goodness for you.

Commie Colossus vill crush you!
So a month or so ago, I was proofing an Essential X-Men book and I came across issue #124 which has one of my favourite covers. Mainly because I'm obsessed with all things Russian (since I loved studying the language for 4 years in high school) and it's got Colossus with CCCP overalls on it, but also because it's so silly. It's a Commie Colossus calling himself The Proletarian! Trying to kill his friends! Because he was brainwashed by... well, I won't spoil it. But it's silly and awesome and I love it.

SO ANYWAY, Jacob and our other talented friend Chris Giarrusso have done these aweome X-Babies or Mini Marvels versions of classic Marvel covers in the past, so I emailed them to tell them that one of them should draw a kiddie version of X-Men #124. I honestly did not expect either of them to do it as they are both always so busy drawing for actual MONEY that I wouldn't expect them to take time out to draw this thing for free just cuz I wanted to see it. Jokes were made, it was just a fun thought.

Then, a few weeks later, I get an email from Jacob that said "Hey check out this thing I drew without any sort of provocation." (haha) with THIS attached:
Don't do it Baby Proletarian!

HOW FREAKIN' AWESOME IS THAT!?!?! I was shocked and amazed that he actually did this! And SO happy! I LOVE the li'l baby Lenin on his overalls too... hehe BABY COMMIE COLOSSUS! Too fantastic.

Now to explain the OTHER title of today's blog, I asked Jacob for the high-res version so that I could colour it. I so rarely get to colour stuff, and all the classic stuff is the best b/c it's only flat colouring which is pretty much all I can handle. So without further ado, I present to you, the COLOUR version of this fantastic Jacob Chabot homage cover!

As I've said, Jacob has done other X-Men covers like this, one of one of my favourite X-Men comics of all-time: X-Men #171. (I'll leave you to figure out why.) I have actually started colouring that one too and will post it when I'm done. Now if I can just get Jacob to GIVE me the originals for FREE... hmmmmm... ;-)

Oh and Jacob, YOU RULE! ♥♥♥♥ THANK YOU!

The End.

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