19 March 2010

Desktop Finds...

I like these posts, they're easy!

Anyway, as I troll the interwebs or even just from friends or my job, I find images that I like and I copy them to my desktop. And then they just sit there and clutter it up. So to make good use of them, here's what I found today when cleaning up:

AWESOME David Finch cover that I'm in love with. I think everyone here should tell him to give me the original for free because no one will appreciate it more...and I'm broke. :-P

Super cool drawing of me Chris Eliopoulos did for me after I whined for a drawing of me:

Super cool Terry Moore piece he drew and posted up on twitter this week:

Awesome Zombie Jesus I found on the Atheist Experience:

I don't remember where I found this, but I love it:

Looking for Delirium reference I came across this! So pretty!

And this. Apparently it was a limited print. I want one so badly. I really wish Mike Allred would make more...

One of my good friend Rob Steen's super cool little dudes:

Awesome. I forget where... Huffington Post article maybe...

Yeah, this was a Huffington Post article image. Lost their C... hehehe

And it wouldn't be me without a jab at religion! (I know, Zombie Jesus, but that was just cool, this is hilarious!) Don't remember where:

The End.

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Unknown said...

Quite a selection of awesome. That David Finch cover is kick ass. The Faith picture is a favourite, too.