05 April 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Fitch!

I am lucky enough to have a friend who works at Second Stage Theater who can sometimes hook me up with comp tickets for plays they run there. (Last time I saw Becky Shaw — mainly because I loved Kelly Bishop in Gilmore Girls!) Which is a good thing because A) I'm broke & B) it gets me to see things I wouldn't normally see.

While I do like John Lithgow, I'm not what you would consider a fan, so I probably wouldn't have bothered to see Mr. & Mrs. Fitch. But luckily my friend offered up a couple of tickets on a night I happened to be free, and am I glad he did!

I LOVED it! I was REALLY great!! So funny, so clever. Lithgow was FANTASTIC. And so was his co-star, Jennifer Ehle! It's basically about two gossip columnists who run out of juicy celebrity gossip and what they do to get back in the gossip game! It's just a two-person play, but they bounce off each other so well, that's all you need. And did I mention it was funny? Oh and I HAVE to mention the FANTASTIC set!!! It all takes place in their apartment in Manhattan and WOW. I would kill for an apartment like that. GORGEOUS. And not to mention they had a copy of The Yiddish Policemen's Union: A Novel (P.S.) by Michael Chabon on their table! hehe I love recognising book covers from far away... :-P

Oh and speaking of far away, if you haven't been to Second Stage, it's a great little theater. And because it's little, there are no bad seats. I highly recommend seeing a performance there. They tend to have good shows too.

Unfortunately, it's last performance was yesterday, but I think shows like this travel around, so keep a look-out in case it shows up where you live!

The End.

PS While waiting around for my friend, Lithgow came out and signed some people's stuff. I didn't really have anything to say so I let him be. I was surprised to see him take the subway, though! :-)

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