09 March 2010

Yeah, God LOVES His Children

Another case of fanaticism harming children. These people would rather pray for the health of their child than actually getting him treatment. I'm just glad the judge had the sense to charge them for it (though if you ask me, 16 months is not enough time).

Faith Healer's Get 16 Months for Son's Death

OK, you know what? As an adult, if YOU are suffering from a curable disease, fine, pray your ass off and let yourself die, I don't care. But to do that to your kids?! Are you kidding me?! And your grandkids?! It's just disgusting. AND against the law. That's it! Just blame the law! God can't get mad at you for following the law, can he? I guess maybe he can, since clearly he's asking you to be a dumbass when it comes to the health of your children.

I don't get it! Why would "God" "bless" humans with the intelligence necessary to cure illnesses, only to tell you not to USE it?? Ugh. I guess it's for the same reason "He" "gives" us the desire to fornicate, only to tell us we shouldn't, or "creates" gay humans, only to tell them they're abominations and will go to hell if they act on their feelings.

Nothing short of DISGUSTING.

It's such a shame, I really don't think we'll EVER be rid of this backwards way of thinking. I just hope we can get less of them in positions of power... sigh.

The End.


Ing said...

Actually them going to jail is new as many states have laws PROTECTING them.

Karry and Hatch tried to put in law that would require Insurance to cover prayer.

Can I get a A-WTF-men?

WanderingSteve said...

Cassius: "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."
- Julius Caesar (I, ii, 140-141)