30 January 2009

In Preparation...

I'm getting a new tattoo tomorrow!!! Well, hopefully. I'm going to go to the place I always go to (Ron & Dave's on Staten Island, they're great!) with what I want and see if I can get in (it gets really busy sometimes). I'm not going to say what it is now, I'll just post pictures when it's done.

For now, I thought I'd post pictures of the tattoos I CURRENTLY have. If you've seen/heard this all before, I apologise! :) (Some of these are a bit blurry, sorry!)

My first tattoo is this skull and crossbones that I got on my right calf. It's a tattoo that means a whole lot to me because several of my friends also have the exact same one (still waiting for a few others to get it too), including one who is no longer with us. :( I wouldn't say it's a "gang symbol" but we sorta had a "crew" in our high school days and we all had these patches with that skull on it. So...yeah a very MEANINGFUL skull and crossbones! haha Pissed my mother off, at the time though. She was more mad about what it WAS than the fact that I got it!

My second tattoo was a tramp stamp. haha It's the most superficial tattoo I have so far. I just wanted a tattoo there because I always liked seeing them on other girls (if they were good ones, anyway). I had a friend of mine at work design this for me. Got a lion because I'm a Leo and as such have been obsessed with them since childhood. I particularly like the little cat-eye-like designs he made for the sides of it. :) This is often though to be a Lion King tattoo, which has always annoyed me. I care less now, though, I realised I really like the Lion King, so who gives a f#$*!

My third tattoo means the most to me so far. It's a drawing of my favourite kitty ever. My little Shadow. My friend Christine Norrie (a fantastic artist who's art I fell in love with when I read the first Hopeless Savages comic series from Oni Press) drew this for me from a picture of him and it looks just like him. (This one, my mom LOVES.) He died a few years ago and it ripped out my heart. I had him for like 15 years. Don't know if I can ever get another pet because I don't think I can handle it again...

Lastly is my super-awesome LOCKHEED tattoo draw for me by my good friend and original Astonishing X-Men artist, John Cassaday! Comics are my life (obviously) and it all started with the X-Men. (Well, that's not entirely true, I grew up on Archies, but it wasn't until X-Men that I became crazy for comics.) Lockheed has always been one of my favourite X-Men and I liked the idea of a Lockheed tattoo because the average person will just think it's a dragon. When I first saw John's rendition of Lockheed, I knew he had to be the one to do it. Took him three years to get it to me...but it was worth it! (Thanks, John!!!! <3)

So that's it for now. I am currently waiting on two tattoos to be drawn for me, though I get the feeling they will never happen. I've been waiting a few years for one and like 6 months for another, but I'm holding out! In the meantime, I've had a few ideas and with two friends of mine getting tattooed this week, I got the itch BIG time.

So, hopefully I'll have some pics of my new tattoo to post in a few days! Wish me luck!

The End.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jen. I checked out your blog. Unfortunately this is the last time I can do so because my mom said,"I want this blog to fail because its agenda is 100 percent at odds with God's"

Oh, well see you Monday.
Good luck with your tattoo.

Anonymous said...

Nelson's mom said "I want this blog to fail because its agenda is 100 percent at odds with God's"

...yeah, but whose isn't??

Anonymous said...

I want to get the Spidey "symbol" on arm/shoulder but have been kinda chicken.Not from pain but from recovery.I'm a diabetic and don't heal that well.My doc said it would be ok but I got my Beavis and Butt-Head to raise.don't want to lose a arm or my life due to a infection.Shit don't play as I have gone head to head with a staph infection.But if I get the courage and it goes well, I want to turn on of my (many)Chris G sketches into a tat.BTW, can't wait to meet you in march @Acme Comics.


PS:Sorry my comment wasn't as funny as the previous posts.I'll do better next time!

WanderingSteve said...

Good luck on your new tat!
Let me guess...it's of Sarah Palin?! :O
~_^ lol.

I think you need a Kitty Pryde phasing through your skin to compliment good ol' Lockheed. If she were placed below Lockheed, she could be looking up with a scowling face and her arms crossed, as if it say "so THERE you are!". lol. OR maybe you could integrate her with Lockheed by having her pull on his tail with a devilish grin on her face! ^_^

Another idea...several Nightcrawlers *Bamf*ing from one spot on you to another! =D hehehe.

I don't have any tats myself...but if I were to get any, I'd go real artsy and pick an image or two from my favorite manga artist group, CLAMP!
Here's here a few images from their series "X" that'd be candidates: http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a317/WanderingSteve/Xinfinityp004.jpg

nadine said...

ha ha jen, i think one night i tortured you about the lion king tattoo. insisting it was the lion king. i believe you were mad and that made me happy. ha ha sorry about that. i was definitely drunk! (but it is totally the lion king!)

Anonymous said...

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Jennifer Juniper said...

Uuuuhhh... why did you post that?