19 January 2009

OUCH! (Fun Can Hurt!)

So today I am in a lot of pain...not quite so much as yesterday, but still...OUCH! Saturday I finally tried something I've wanted to do for awhile...I climbed an indoor rock wall!!! (Never doing the real thing, thank you, I'd like not to tempt fate.) Ever since I started kick boxing (just the exercise kind, not the actual sparring kind...though I might try that one day too), I've been wanting to do more physical activities. I've been a lazy S.O.B. my whole life, never even liking to walk more than 5 blocks. Now I'll walk all over Manhattan rather than take a train (barring unsavory weather), I rode the 5 Borough Bike Tour and participate on Marvel's AIDS Walk team. I'm reluctant to play sports as I've never played ANY before and I know I'd just be atrocious at it. So rock climbing seemed like something I could do.

My adorable younger cousin and his equally adorable girlfriend took me to a rock gym near their house for my first time. They go all the time, sometimes 3 days a week, so I felt safe in their hands. It was definitely a fun time.

Here's me starting my third go (when I thought to get pictures):

A VERY flattering action shot (that's sarcasm there, don't know if you caught it! haha):

And at the top! Lil' cos says it's 35 ft. up!

Very fun! And surprisingly, I wasn't really that scared! A few times when you feel like you might lose your grip, it can be a bit scary, but then you remember you're strapped in and it's not so bad. But boy, it does a number on your forearms! I probably need to use my legs a little more, but even still, it's going to hurt. My arms were shaking like crazy after the first go, but I got more used to it by the third.

I attempted another wall at the end, that like, came out a little, but there was this insanely far reach that I just couldn't make. I just needed like another inch to get a good grip and I was so tired by that point, I couldn't support myself. I'll try that one first next time! And there WILL be a next time! I'm going to shoot for once a month and see if I can do it. I don't think I'll ever be as good as cousin and his girlfriend (and they are good, I was very impressed!), but I definitely want to try some harder climbs! Eventually I'll go somewhere closer to my house if I can find someone to go with me, but for now my poor cousin is stuck training me. ;-)

Definitely recommended (assuming you're not deathly afraid of heights)! Fun fun!

And I'm supposed to kickbox tonight...definitely going to have weaker punches!

The End.

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WanderingSteve said...

My first time indoor rock-climbing was in August of last year with a friend. I was surprised how quickly I was able to ascend, and, just as quickly, develop "cat-stuck-in-the-tree" syndrome! ~_^ It's weird how easy it is to forget that you are harnessed and can descend at a gentle pace.

I think I know the kind of wall you mentioned that juts out. Where I went, they had a beginners, medium, and advanced section. The advanced one had a section where you really had to use all your arm strength to hoist the rest of your body at an unusual angle so you can reach the footing! I alternated with my friend, but after 3 tries gave up.

I really should try to find a place close to me to give it another go. It was tiring, but fun! ^_^