12 January 2009

Who Knew Sesame Street Was So Damned Funny??

OK, so I owe this one to my co-worker Mark, who recently watched this Sesame Street DVD (which I'm definitely getting now) and re-discovered this hilarious clip. I had remembered the characters, but not the actual premise (though it all came back when I saw it). A quick youtube search yielded this gem, and boy-oh-boy is it funny! Like REALLY funny! Not just like, funny-for-kids. And the puppets are just FANTASTIC. How awesome are their MOUTHS??!? The best is what they do when they get scared! Hilarious. And the memories it brings back (if you're of my generation) just make it even better. I sound like an old lady now, but they just don't make 'em like they used to! Enjoy!

The End.


Dan said...

Yip yip yip yip yip.

U-huh. U-huh.

Love these guys!

Paul Kersey said...

i remember this

Prophetnoise said...

1- I remember this.

2- I remember in high school imitating this constantly.

3- Man, it was so funny back then too.

4- i was really hight.

Prophetnoise said...

I have watched this 100000 times.
Every time it gets funnier. Watch it again and again, and look at them individually.


Jennifer Juniper said...

That guys all the way to the right are the best!

I think I'm going to repost this for those who don't read comments... haha