18 September 2008

TV Time!

Got stuck at work late because out whole department moved, but I still had to get that damned A to Z Handbook Vol. 5 HC out (it's awesome, though, get one when it comes out!), so I missed my beloved kickboxing class. :-( So when I got home, I watched episode 3 of 90210 and the first of the new season of House last night!

90210: Excellent. 2nd episode was okay, but not as cool, the 3rd was awesome! Continuity crazy!!! Brenda was back and they even mentioned "Donna Martin Graduates!" Sweet! And more of the mother from Arrested Development, which is always good. Loved this one.

House: YAY!!!! Man, I missed this show!!! It's comfort to me. Like Law & Order: SVU. Weirdly comforting. I like the formula and I love the characters. This one was great, with a great ending. Loved it.

And not to disappoint: Holy crap, House looked ESPECIALLY attractive this time around!! I think it's a haircut. Man, for a guy nearly 50, he's frakkin' HOT!!

The End.

PS Pissed, though, cuz my DVR didn't record the second Fringe...now I gotta watch it online...

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