11 September 2008

Sketchbook Series #1

Last Christmas, my super-awesome boss, Joe Quesada, gave us super-awesome holiday gifts: Moleskin sketchbooks with MARVEL stamped on the front. Now, he always gives us cool presents, something Marvel that he has made so it's not something that can just be found anywhere, but I found this one to be particularly awesome.

Except for one thing: I can't draw.

I didn't want to waste this beautiful book (with excellent, thick paper) on notes or some random crappy scribbles, so I decided to finally start a sketchbook. With all these amazing artists that either know or have access too, it's silly that I haven't started this before. The main reason is, when I used to work at Jim Hanley's Universe (best comic shop in NYC), I met tons of artists at signings we held there, but would always just get sketches on backing boards. By the time I realised I should have started a book, I already had so many random boards with sketches on them, that I didn't want to start over.

But I'm glad I did. I've got some AMAZING pieces since I started this April. I've gone to a bunch of cons this year (New York Comicon, Emerald City in Seattle, Wizard World Philly, MOCCA in NYC, San Diego Comicon & the Toronto Fan Expo) and have filled up a substantial part of it already. I'm hoping to get a couple more at my final con this year, Baltimore Comicon.

So, I'll be posting these sketches here and there. I figured I'd start with my first one, by the lovely and talented Bryan Hitch. One of my favourite artists, both in talent and in friendship!

Eventually, I'll scan all my backer board sketches and post those, too.

Hope you like looking at these!

The End.

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