09 September 2008

American Football fan?

Today I got my Eli Manning (women-sized) jersey that I ordered from ebay and was disappointed because it was supposed to have the Superbowl XLII patch on the shoulder, but didn't. They guy was cool and offered a refund, but he doesn't have anymore of the correct one and I can't find this jersey anywhere with or without the patch, so I'm just going to keep it.

I wasn't always a Giants fan, in fact I've always HATED American football. But this year's Superbowl changed that. Well, at least for now it did. :)

Every year for the last six years, one of my friends from college has had a Superbowl party (and all but this year, they included a turducken which is the greatest thing ever — a duck stuffed inside a chicken, stuffed inside a turkey — but they are expensive and a pain to cook, so no more) and I have enjoyed going mainly for the food, a chance to catch up with my college pals and the football pool (last year I won $60!!). But this year, since the Giants were involved, and my boss and other co-workers are huge Giants fans (except my assistant, who likes the Patriots — HAHA), I decided to actually try to pay attention. (Also, my boss and another guy I work with pitched in and bought me a t-shirt to wear to the party.)

And what a great decision THAT was!!! That game was AWESOME!!! I'm sure most of you know about it, so I'm not going to explain the highlights. But this was the first year I actually paid attention and was ABLE to follow! (Previous years, I would ask the same questions about what a down was, etc., only to give up half-way through and not even watch anymore...AND forget the answers the next year.) I watched that thing so closely, getting stressed, pulling on my hair, and screaming and yelling when appropriate (always checking with the others that I was correct! haha). It was great, I was thrilled and I was now a Giants fan. I don't know how much football I'll be watching this year, but I'm going to try to keep up with them. And now I've got a jersey! :)

On a side-note, as I said before, my assistant is a Patriots fan. I'm sure you've heard about what happened to Tom Brady, right? Well, before he came in to work yesterday, my boss was talking about how he was going to be all upset because of a) Brady being out for the season could be disastrous for the Patriots and because b) he thinks "Tom Brady is his fantasy quarterback" (for his fantasy team.)

My response: "Yeah, mine too!" ;-) haha Have you SEEN this guy??? GORGEOUS! He should just screw the football and be a model or something. Or my sugar-daddy. Or both. ;-)

The End.


Anonymous said...

I saw Eli's brother's first pro football game. The seats were crappy and the Colts lost horribly to the Dolphins, but it was still pretty sweet.

ed said...

You don't have to call it "American" Football.

You can just call it football.

U.S. American

Jennifer Juniper said...

It IS American football, so I can call it that.

ed said...

So do we start calling bacon American bacon? Will you be stopping by the cafe for a delicious Blueberry American muffin?

regular bacon
to the Canadian

Jennifer Juniper said...

Nobody said anything about we. I'm not telling YOU to do anything. I'm just saying I CAN call it American football.

And also, I don't know who had the word bacon first, but I DO know that football was first in Europe before we Americans came up with our own (one that where the foot connecting to the ball is of much less significance than everything else).