15 September 2008

Feel the Thunder!!

The TROPIC THUNDER (okay, so I'm a little gay).

Seriously, this movie is awesome. Go see it. (I know I'm a bit late on this, but there might be others who haven't made it to the theater for this yet!) I'm not going to ruin anything, but it's hilarious! I even like Jack Black in this, and if you know me at all, you know I HATE THAT UNFUNNY SONOFABITCH. ::ahem:: Tom Cruise, phenomenal. I especially love his close-out of the movie. Hehehehe

But the star of the show? Robert Downey Jr. Holy crap. This guy has too long been under my radar. I always had a soft spot for him, b/c I LOVED Chances Are when I was young. But I never really paid any attention otherwise. But b/t Iron Man, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (which I made a point to see after I met him) and Tropic Thunder, he's easily become one of my favourite actors. He's just amazing. His performance in TT was outstanding.

Also, the movie opens with a fake commercial and trailers that are outstanding. Please, please see this if you haven't!

I'll leave you with this, my meeting of the man himself (with a little Favreau thrown in for good measure). He's hot for an old guy! ;-) He also seemed a bit...hyper...the entire signing (they were sighing at the Marvel booth at the 2007 San Diego Comicon and I was given the fun job of standing next to Mr. Downey Jr. the whole time to make sure no fans came up from behind.) My mother was quite impressed that I had my arm around him... yeah, that was cool. ;-P haha

The End.

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