11 September 2008


Went to the Mets game last night with my (not-so) little (anymore) cousin. We were thrilled when the Mets were ahead of the Nationals 7-1 in the 3rd inning.

Then they blew it and gave up 6 runs so they tied it up (in the 5th, I think).

Then we pull ahead again getting another 4 runs (score: 7-11! hehehe — I'm a child).

Then they frakkin' get 3 more runs. Too close. Finally, bottom of the 8th, we get a couple more, and we manage to make it out of the 9th without giving up any more runs. Mets win 13-10.

Jeez. Our pitching is sorely lacking. We're just lucky their pitching was so crap too.

David Wright was a triple away from completing a cycle. Shucks. That would've been cool to see, especially since I got to see Reyes do it a year or two ago. I got to see Reyes beat the Mets record for most stolen bases in a players' career! And he stole another one for good measure. 283 so far, I believe. Love Reyes, even if he is an arrogant child sometimes. ;-)

Tatis was pretty great this game too. He had an amazing catch out in left field when he jumped like he was playing basketball, then tumbled around and kept it in his glove. He's now my #3 favourite player. #1-Reyes, #2-Wright. Duh. Love these boys:

End Game Recap.

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Dan Berger said...

Don't worry about the Phillies. They aren't going to win the east and that's from a Phillies fan. They'll loose by 1 1/2 games.