07 September 2008

Riding my bike on Staten Island...

Last night I was talking with Rob & Jill about riding my bike (since they've just gotten ones of their own). I haven't really ridden it much since the 5 Boro Bike Tour (super awesome), so when I woke up at 1 PM today (I didn't get home from the party until 3:30!!), feeling like I wasted half of the day already, and looked out the widow to see that it's FRAKKIN' BEAUTIFUL OUT, I decided to go for a ride.

I live on Staten Island, now I know this place is crap, but living near the boardwalk, that's one good thing about it. I have a great place to ride. I get nervous riding in the streets and anyway, it's not very scenic or relaxing even if I didn't. Riding along the boardwalk (there's a bike path next to it) is great. Especially when it's this FRAKKIN' BEAUTIFUL OUT! ;-P

So, it was fun, and this time, I took pictures! Here you go!

I don't know if anyone off the island knows this, but we've got wild turkeys!!! These dudes were hanging out under the boardwalk! There was a baby one I saw for a second but then couldn't find him again, so I don't have a picture of that. :-(

Anyway, the best part is riding underneath the Verrazano Bridge! So cool! I love this bridge. Riding my bike OVER it was my favourite part of the 5 Borough Bike Tour and the main reason I wanted to do the tour in the first place!

Also, when you get up this ridiculous hill (which is what goes under the bridge) you're at like an overlook thing where you can get a good view of Fort Wadsworth. Nice.

And of course, some self portraits... (It's sunny!)

Then I went to Miller Field (big giant field with a little playground and some sports grounds as well) and read some comics and some of the book I'm reading (Ten-Cent Plague) before coming home and blogging about it all. :-P I saw a cutie squirrel running with an acorn. Couldn't get a close-up...

...and here's by bike!

So that's that. Now I have to eat something. I've got a few more pictures here if you want to see.

The End.

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