14 September 2008


The Sarah Palin/Hilary Clinton skit on Saturday Night Live last night (which I watched today, thank the cable gods for DVR...) was fan-fucking-TASTIC! I tried to embed the clip from youtube for you, but alas, NBC won't have it. They will, however, show it themselves! Click here to watch it! One of the best SNL skits in a long time.

Gosh, I love Tiny Fey... :-)

The End.


Anonymous said...

This blog frightens and confuses me. Much like you do. I don't understand ... are you in my computer talking to me right now? How do you even fit in there? Are you Homo Floresiensis or something?

Aaron said...

Fey is excellent. She nailed the part right down to the accent. Hopefully the satire will help some folks see how ridiculous of a choice Palin is.

Jennifer Juniper said...

sirryloundeye, you a riar! You a sirry SRANT eye! You making fun of my lound eyes! ;-P

aaron, AGREED! Here's hoping!

Anonymous said...