07 September 2008

I <3 Munty Flumple!!!

So last night, as a mentioned, I went to my good friends' Rob & Jill's house(flat)warming party. It's a GREAT new place and I had a LOVELY time with my friends. Drinking wine and eating crackers with cheese and hummus (with peppers! yum!). I brought some housewarming gifts that went over well and I got a gift in return!!! A belated birthday gift (it was August 1st) because it had to be sent from England.

It's a mini Munty Flumple statue!!! Eeeee!!

See my friend Rob (Steen) is the illustrator of the fantastic childrens' books called Flanimals written by Ricky Gervais! If you don't know about these, you should find out because they are awesome and hilarious! They're basically like guidebooks to the world of flanimals, which are very strange — but often cute — creatures with very strange habbits. Please check it out, I'm sure you'll like it: Flanimals There's also a myspace page.

Munty Flumple is my favourite, which Rob knew of course. These little figurines are limited edition and very hard to come by. Even for him. So this is a super awesome gift and I'm so touched!! I love Rob & Jill!!! :) :) (Thanks again guys!)

Here's Munty's little description from Flanimals: This little dough-brained chump mijlet likes everything. It wanders around and stares at things, instantly falling in love. It will stand staring for days until the Flanimal it is staring at moves away. If it falls in love with a Glonk, it is there forever.

Heehee That's because Glonks stick to whatever surface they're on forever. :-P These poor creatures. haha But it's damn funny.

Anyway, there's four books: Flanimals, More Flanimals, Flanimals of the Deep and Flanimals: The Day of the Bletchling. Check 'em out!

The End.

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