12 September 2008

Dream A Little (Weird) Dream...

I found an old email where I described to a friend I hadn't seen in awhile two dreams that I'd had, so I'm posting that:

"Ok, so TWO nights in a row you've invaded my dreams, so I think it's some kind of sign that we should hang out! Two nights ago: Very strange dream with zombies... All you had to do was cut them (with a knife or something) before they touched you and you'd be okay. So I'm running through a crowd of them, slashing away, when I bump into you and (since you're so much taller than me) stab you through the chin (upwards) but for some reason it doesn't hurt you — and I realise you are NOT a zombie and I apologize a lot and hug you and I really can't remember much more except I think some girl zombie was all up in our shit and I told her to go away (I think I called her a bitch) b/c I was talking to you! haha Oh, and you had bleach-blond hair (looked good by the way).

Last night: I was at some sort of bar/cheerleading training camp or something. Makes no sense, I know. I was not in the cheerleading thing. I really can't remember much about that either except there were girls trying to do all these gymnastic type things and there was a bar where I was getting drinks. Next thing I know, you're there, with some British woman. I asked someone who it was and they said it was your mom. I just remember talking to you outside the bar and something was going on with your mom, but I can't remember what. That's all... oh, except Joe showed up with Jason Lee (dressed like Earl... which I have yet to see)
(blog note: I have seen and LOVE My Name is Earl now! :-P) and I was upset b/c he didn't introduce me before he left saying I would see him later at some party."

I remember the first dream, but that second one has left my memory completely! I'm glad I wrote it down! Funnily enough, I recall having another zombie related dream soon after that first one. It was upsetting b/c it involved my deceased cat. I remember I was doing dishes or something and then I realised there was a zombie FLY in the house and I was trying to avoid it, but I was mostly concerned with making sure it didn't get near my cat. I think I had him in my arms and was trying to squish the fly or something. I just know I woke up very upset b/c I realised my cat wasn't alive. :'(

Actually, I've had multiple dreams with my cat in, and I usually wake up crying because in the dream, I realise this isn't right because he shouldn't be alive. How depressing!

Speaking of my cat, I've got a tattoo of him that Christine Norrie drew for me from a picture I gave her! Here it is, it's a bit blurry unfortunately...

Holy Tangent, Batman! :-P

The End.

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