10 September 2008

I <3 90210!!!!

90210 is back!!!! You're all as excited as I am, right? ;-) (Sorta spoilers below.)

I used to LOOOOOOVE this show. I had a the whole back of my bedroom door (and eventually some of the wall next to it) devoted to posters of this show and it's cast. (If you're lucky, I'll scan and post a picture if I can find it.) I will admit to giving up on it in the later seasons. I stopped around the Kelly Kapowski time (Tiffany Amber-Thiessen). I don't even know her character's name, but she'll always be Kelly to me (if you don't know what this is from, you're too young to be reading this blog anyway). I was looking up the original theme on youtube and came across a later season one that had all these actors on it that I'd never heard of!! There were like 8 new additions, including...HILLARY SWANK!! What?! I had NO idea. Hilarious.

Anyway, the new 90210 is two episodes in so far, and AWESOME. ;-) The cast is pretty cool, though I'm not sure about the main girl yet (the Brenda Walsh-esque girl). She's a little too goody-goody. It's got a similar premise, with a family from Kansas coming to live in Beverly Hills and they have to adjust, except the "Brandon" is a adopted black kid. Best part about this, though, is they come to live with their grandmother who was the mother on Arrested Development! Sweet! She's hilarious! The bitchy/popular/rich girl is great and you even feel bad for her at times. There's the "hot" rich kid, and the sweet guy who dated the bitch, etc. All filling their roles pretty decently.

My favourite new cast member is Erin Silver (just called "Silver" by friends), though. Firstly, b/c she's TOTALLY in continuity (me=geek)!! She's David Silver's and Kelly Taylor's half-sister! Awesome! That and she's super cute and the coolest one. LOVE. HER. And speaking of Kelly! Yes! Kelly's there! And she's got a kid! But whose kid is it?!?! Dylan? Brandon? Oooooohhhhh.... ;-) And Brenda visited on the first episode claiming to be in town for a month, so you know she'll be on others. (Well, that and seeing her in the coming attractions for future episodes. :-P) Excellent.

Also, the Kansas family mom is Aunt Becky from Full House!!! I used to love her on that show (though I still don't know how I sat through so many episodes of that crap). It's funny how the Walshes from the original series were hokey, actual-parent-looking parents, but in this series, they look young and attractive. ;-P

Ultimately, I don't think I'd watch it without all the first-series references b/c otherwise it's just another one of these teen dramas. The continuity stuff makes this show awesome for me (there's even a quick reference to Andrea Zuckerman's kid!!). Which is smart, b/c they'll definitely get more viewers that way. Viewers my age and thereabouts. Even my boss is watching this. hahaha I find it funny to be watching this teen show more interested in the adults. Like Kelly's possible romance and the handsome Kansas dad (who's the new principal). It's weird...and a little relieving. haha :-P

Anyway, if you watched 90210, so far this has definitely been satisfying, I highly recommend it! And also, if you liked 90210, here's a treat for you! I swear, I remember every frakkin' scene in this opener. Especially David Silver's hair...

And speaking of David Silver. I had a horrifying revelation last fall, which I have come to terms with and now accept. David Silver is hot now. Last year when I was watching The Sarah Conner Chronicles, Brian Austin Green joined the cast and I didn't realise it was him at first. I watched the episode thinking "Oh, this new guy is pretty cute. He looks familiar, though." When I finally realised who it was, I was pissed. David Silver is a dweeb! I can't like him! But I watched the new episode of that show on Monday (I like this show, also recommended) and no longer cared that it was David Silver. H.O.T. And HE gets a little bit of Megan Fox (actually, a lot). Lucky bastards. Man, I wish I was in show business...

The End.

PS It's amazing how many of my posts end with a guy I think is hot. And by amazing, I mean sad. ;-) (Not going to stop me, though. Ha!)


Anonymous said...

This exact - in depth review of the new 90210 confirms why we are friend's for me. FYI - the new bitchy girl spent most of last year, naked in explicit sex seens on Nip / Tuck.

Jennifer Juniper said...

haha Awesome. ;-)

We should have a 90210 party!! I have no idea what that would entail, but let's do it! HA!