08 September 2008

Let's Go Mets!!!

If you know me, you know I love the Mets. Currently my favourite baseball squadron is in first place, but only two games ahead. This is stressful, but awesome. If I thought God existed, I would be praying. And hopefully he'd be ignoring me because really, what a lame thing to pray for?! If I was God, I'd be like "Seriously? You're praying for your baseball team to win. Not to eradicate starvation or something? Baseball?!?!" haha

I was always a Mets fan, even as a kid. I've still got the replica '86 World Series ring, a giant button proclaiming them the victors and a poster of the '86 team. But I never ACTUALLY watched baseball. I just would say I liked them best. I don't know why for sure. My dad is a Yankees fan. The reasons I THINK I was a Mets fan was because a) I like the bright colours better and b) my dad's best friend (who I called "Uncle") is a Mets fan and I loved him. Who knows. But I went to my first Mets game in 2000 and I was hooked. I think I went to 14 games that year. To be fair, it WAS a great season for Mets fans, perfect timing for me. They made it to the Series again...and promptly fell apart. Thanks a lot, Benitez...grrrrr....

Anyway, sometime after that my mom started paying attention. She always liked the Mets too, but like me, didn't actually pay any attention to it. I think it started as something for her to do with me, you know, spend time with your only child. ;-) So we started going to games together. Now she has gone waaaaaaaaay past my level of fandom. This is the second year in a row that she's gotten a Sunday season pack (about 13 games) and she DVRs EVERY SINGLE GAME, including the ones she goes to. And she watches them. I just do NOT have that kind of time. And I'm not really into watching the games on TV. It's one of those things I'll put on if I'm doing stuff around the house, or switch to during commercials, but it's just too long and slow to watch when at home. Going to Shea is totally different. I LOVE that. (This year, though, I've come pretty close to my 2000 Shea-going level, I've got my tenth game this Wednesday and my 11th — and final — game on the 25th. I bought a 7-pack this year to have some quality time with my awesome younger cousin. Like mother, like daughter! haha)

SO! Last night my mother went to one of her Sunday games. It was the second game in a double -header against the Phillies and, thankfully, they won. The Phillies have been causing us a lot of trouble this year. Though my mother tells me we're (yes, I'm ON the Mets, did I not mention that?) 11-7 against them, so we've kicked their asses, I'd say. So, according to my mom, last night's game was amazing! She said the tension was high and the fans were riled up the whole time, almost as if it was a playoff game! She was sad I missed it. So am I. I was home watching Atonement.

But here's a great (and by great I mean pretty horrible, but it makes Phillies fans look like bigger assholes) story from the game my mother told me. Somewhere near where she was sitting, there was this kid with a homemade Mets banner. At some point a female Phillies fan (one my mother described as one of those girls that comes to games to traipse around looking cute and getting attention — we've had to endure girls like this before, running back and forth in front of us, clearly not actually giving a shit about the game), who was probably pissed off the Philles were losing, took the banner out of his hand and tore it up!! My mom said he looked about TWELVE!! What kind of bitch does this!??! Now, I've made no secret of the fact that I don't really like kids — don't want 'em, don't want to be around 'em — but even I wouldn't do something like that! Jeez! You shouldn't do it to ANYONE really, but especially not a kid! And not when you're visiting the stadium of HIS team. It'd be SLIGHTLY more acceptable if it was the other way around and he was waving his banner in Citizens Bank Park...but then, only SLIGHTLY. Apparently, they called security and had her escorted out, and surrounding fans actually patched up his banner for him. Awesome. I love the Mets.

Apparently this was a highly tense game and everyone was fighting. My mom saw some bloody guys too. Man, nothing gets people worked up like sports...especially when there's beer around!

So, just thought I'd share. Can wait to see my boys on Wednesday! Let's Go Mets!!!

The End.


Hush Lorentz said...

3.5 games ahead now! Woo! This is the week the Phillies fade awaaaaaaay.

Jennifer Juniper said...

Super awesome!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I was at that game too. Your Mom was not kidding - Fights all over the stadium. I have never been at a game with more fights and security guards running around.