02 June 2009

Archie and VERONICA!!!

Archie has finally decided to propose to one of his girls and it seems he's choosing Veronica! I know this is being talked about/blogged about everywhere but I just wanted to throw in my two cents.

I was a HUGE Archie fan...actually, even more so of Betty & Veronica. I used to buy all those digests at the supermarket (read: made my mom buy). And even though I say X-Men is what got me into comics, I did have this passion before then. And while I know Betty is the sweet one and somewhere down the road I developed this fetish for mechanics (though I didn't have this when I was a kid), Veronica was ALWAYS my favourite. I honestly don't know why. (I believe I still have the entire run of Veronica bagged and boarded in a short box in my parents' garage!) As I grew up I could see she was a spoiled bitch, but I still love her! I guess you just can't get past those you loved as a kid. I still look on Michael J. Fox with fondness since I had such a crush on him from Back to the Future.

My friend Thighs and I and I did ask one of our favourite bartenders (go visit Steve at the P&G downstairs on the corner 78th St. & Columbus Ave.! AWESOME bar!!!) which of the two he would choose. He immediately picked Veronica and I was surprised. He said he always felt she was the smart one. I'd have to go back and read these comics again to see if that's true, but I liked that!

In all honesty, I probably liked Veronica because she was rich and all the boys loved her. I remember in her solo comic she was definitely a nicer gal and I loved that she travelled all over the world. I wonder if that's where I got my love of travelling from! Too bad I don't have her money to do it with...

Ah, well, I'm thrilled about this, I have to remember to pick this up when it comes out. Though, I have have a strong feeling they're going to switch things around on us at the last minute. Then I will be angry. >:-(

(Aside from all that...just WHY does Jughead seem so upset on that cover?! Are they actually going to out him?!! haha)

The End.

PS I wish I had it scanned, maybe I'll do it this week and post it, but I met Dan DeCarlo (he drew for Archie) a while back at a convention. He was this adorable old man (who I later found out could be a bit dirty! :-P) and was selling $5 headshots. Of course, I asked for a Veronica. :) While he was drawing it he says "you're just a sweetheart" to me. So cute. Sadly he passed away since then, which made me even gladder that I stopped at his table that day!


~S said...

WOW!! I still think blondes are better. :P

Didn't Jughead have a crush on Veronica?

Jennifer Juniper said...

Did he??? Why do I not remember that...?

I always remember him as not having an interest in girls, just FOOD. haha Hmmm...