24 June 2009

Ah, Youtube, What Would I Do Without You?

I know what I WOULDN'T do. I wouldn't LAUGH as much! ;-)

Just a quickie post sharing with you two of my favourite new youtube videos going around. You've probably already seen them, but if you haven't...ENJOY!

This one is apparently some dude tripping and talking some nonsense that someone decided to animate. FANTASTIC!

My favourites: "Who's chair is that?" and "They're like all the clocks!" Ridiculous! Oh and "Fucking walkway, lead me up to the building. Fuck you!" haha

This one's like a guido voiceover of an old PSA. hehehe

My favourites: "We got broads makin' sure your kids don't get run over by some hard-on" and "Makin' sure your kids don't drink piss outta any wata fountains!"

The End.

1 comment:

Keith ONeil said...

show this one to your boss Joey Q. its a guy who hosted the Marvel comic cartoons from the 60 as Captain America. very goofy.