05 June 2009


I know I don't talk about my job THAT often, but I just wanted to call attention to this AWESOME collection that I had the pleasure of working on, Patsy Walker, Hellcat! It's on sale this month (6/24) and I believe it's direct market only, so get your asses to a comic shop and GET one!

While of course I have a soft spot for all the Marvel ladies, Hellcat is definitely one of the cooler ones! (You gotta love that costume!)

The trade collects the 4-parts story written by Kathryn Immonen and drawn comic-book veteran Stuart Immonen (which originally ran as one of four stories in Marvel Comics Presents) as well as the 5-issue mini-series also written by Kathryn, but this time drawn by new-comer David Lafuente! I'm not certain, but I believe this was his first Marvel work which led to his current gig on Ultimate Spider-Man! He's definitely become one of my favourite artists very quickly. So much so that I've agreed to get his art tattooed on me... (as soon as I figure out what I want...)

The collection looks fantastic (beautifully designed by the multi-talented Jeff Powell), the story is a lot of fun and we've even including 8 pages of fun behind-the-scenes stuff including, Kathryn's original pitch from the MCP story, page layouts from both artists and a TON of cool Patsy sketches and other fun stuff from Mr. Lafuente! Here's a little taste, hopefully it makes you want more...

Remember folks: You. Comic shop. June 26th. HELLCAT! Do it!

The End.


M.J. said...

I'm glad I asked for some days off that week... I'll be able to escape to my comic shop to get it and celebrate!!


DarkDragon247 said...

Will put it on re-order at my comic book store. (In Germany they usually don't have it in stock, so...) ;) Have you seen a photo-realistic drawing of Hellcat once? I really would like to know, how it would look like.... =)

Lord Jermaine Retail said...

There is a girl who comes in Acme sometimes with her father and Hellcat is her favorite character. She would ask every couple of weeks for the latest issue and if it wasn't out yet we would find her a cool Hellcat back issue (anything other than Hellstorm). So that was kinda cool. Maybe we can get her on the new USM.

Donald D said...

This was a great mini and I really enjoyed it when I picked it up monthly.
This was also my first intro to David LaFuente's work, too. Amazing stuff and now I'm a fan, fo' sho'!

Colin said...

I've been waiting for this to come out in trade, I picked up some of LaFuente's amazing originals at NYCC. Incidentally he also drew a Hellion story and a Surge/Dani Moonstar story in X-Men: Divided We Stand #1 & 2, respectively.