22 October 2008

Very Relevant Quote

"We will destroy from within what we are trying to protect from without."
— Dwight Eisenhower

Ok, so I got it from The Daily Show guest Eugene Jarecki (whose book I now want to read, The American Way of War), but still. Awesome and very fitting. I wish our government would pay attention to smart people. ::sigh::

Anyway, not to be too serious, here's an AMAZING clip of Jason Jones talking to the folks over in Wasilla where our dear Sarah Palin seems to think the best people are made. This is actually the second time The Daily Show has had a segment in Wasilla. While they're both hilarious (and scary), I like this one better because he tries to find out what the mayor of Wasilla is actually responsible for and how that prepares someone to be the Vice President of the United States...

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The End.

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