28 October 2008

I Love Carrie Bradshaw!

I've been watching Sex and the City from the beginning on HBO OnDemand and I am loving it. Never thought I would like it this much, but it's excellent. Can NEVER. EVER. EVER. watch this with my mother (like she wants me to, she loves this show), however.

Anyway, the reason for this post: The end of Season 3, Episode 3. Carrie gets a thank you note for attending a fundraiser from the bitch who married her ex. It says something along the lines of "So sorry I couldn't be their."

Carrie laughed at the thing that would have drove given me a similar reaction. She spelled THERE wrong. haha She calls Miranda laughing and calling her an idiot. Awesome.

Obviously, she might not be an idiot, sometimes you just write things incorrectly even if you know the right way...but it's amazing how many people mess up the their/there/they're and other similar grammar traps. And I'm using the term "traps" lightly, as this is really not that difficult. ::sigh::

Anyway, that moment made me really love Carrie.

The End.

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