27 October 2008

Now I Want A Frakkin' XBox 360

I played Fable 2 at my friend's house the other day for about an hour and a half and I can't stop thinking about it!!! I'm already looking on ebay to see if there are cheap used XBoxes... ::sigh::

It's cool, cuz your character changes with the choices you make (though I haven't played long enough for it to happen to me yet). You can even get fat if you eat to much fatty foods! But mainly you turn either good or bad depending on whether you do good deeds or bad ones. Frakkin' awesome. And it's also interesting b/c you fight villains etc., but you also flirt with and marry people, have kids and homes (you can have multiple homes and rent them out). Craziness! I couldn't find any screen shots with the girl (which I picked, you can be either or), but her are some. I believe the dude is flirting in the first one.

This is just some art or whatever, but I liked it. I love your trusty dog sidekick that goes with you everywhere. I named mine Ajax. :-P

I know if I do somehow manage to get a cheap XBox and this game, I'll either never leave my house, or I'll play religiously for a few weeks before I get distracted and forget about it. Either one kind of sucks, but I'm not thinking about that right now. Right now I'm thinking about avenging my sister, getting new Will or Skills and learning new expressions! haha

The End.


Peter Timony said...

I played this for an hour at my brother in law's house. I liked it alot too, but I'm still not getting an Xbox!

Mark Sable said...

I've been playing this for days while I'm stuck in my apartment, sick. It's just amazing. I started three families. Someone tried to blackmail me because I was unfaithful, and I killed him. Unfortunately my first wife found out anyway, and now she won't have sex with me. Then I married a whore (literally), who was killed by a Banshee. I had to kill my third wife, a gypsy. In fairness, it was in self defense - she saw me kill someone on an assination mission and wouldn't stop shooting me. I married another whore, named Betty, we've got a new kid, and I'm hoping that this time things will work out.

It really is one of my favorite games ever, your choices actually affect the way you look, and the world. You definitely need to get a 360...if only so you can play online with all your creator friends. (I'll switch my offer of an ipod to an xbox 360 if you can get me Marvel work, though:)

I'm still sad you won't link to my blog:(

Jennifer Juniper said...

Gah! You're not helping, Mark! I want to play this so bad! I keep trying to get one on ebay for under $100, but they go up towards the end of the auction. It's been out for years, how is it so hard to get a cheap used one!! :-P

I'll link you! Jeez! ;-)

Robyn said...

I watched our tech director play this at work. It reaaaaally made me want an xbox. the last game that did that to me was Mass Effect, i started trying to see if i could win an xbox or something ;) I am gonna have to wait for the PC version, my heart belongs to my PS3 -- but how are you enjoying Fable? :O jane @ gamegirladvance.com said she lost her fiance! He just took off! :O