30 October 2008

Garth Ennis' Night Witches

I went down to my favourite comic shop last night (Jim Hanley's Universe) to say hi to me pals Garth and Russ as they signed copies of their new book The Night Witches! (Actually the series is called Garth Ennis Battlefields, which will be three stories, three issues each. Night Witches is the first, drawn by fantastic Jack of Fables artist, Russ Braun.)

I got my signed copy and read it on the way home (after having a few beers with the lads, of course). LOVE IT! The story is awesome, about Russian FEMALE bomber pilots!! Fantastic! And Russ did a bang-up job on it as well. Highly recommended!!

There are two covers, the John Cassaday one is my favourite though:

And here's my favourite page (might try to wrangle this out of Russ in the future...hehe):Anyway, definitely pick this up if A) you like Garth's work; B) you like war stories; C) you like tough chick stories; D) you like pretty sequential art; or E) you want to read a great comic. And this isn't my friend bias talking, promise!

Oh, one last thing, Garth is really great for writing about true war stories, if you think this is cool, definitely read about the real Night Witches!

The End.

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