03 October 2008

Sketchbook Series #2

I got a new sketch the other day, one I never thought I'd get, so I'm thrilled. Steve Dillon! However, my good friend (and artist of Jack of Fables) currently has it so I didn't get a chance to scan. Instead I'll post another one! haha

Since the first one I posted was Bryan Hitch, here's the sketch I got in San Diego from Bryan's inker, Andrew Currie (who, by the way, is a sweetheart). It's my girl Rogue!

I was almost going to have a Rogue-themed sketchbook, but I didn't want to be to limited so I just went with ladies (though I added the animal clause to get Lockheed, Ampersand and others in there). However, since Rogue's my favourite super hero, I've got a few of her already, and I'm sure there'll be others. :) This one's an awesome rendition!

The End.

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