18 August 2010

San Diego Comicon 2010

Finally! (Though I think I'm getting this one done a lot quicker than last year...) As you can see, we had Odin's throne at the Marvel booth this year. (If you don't know who Odin is, you need to brush up on your Norse mythology!! He's Thor's dad and in case you didn't know, Thor — the movie — is coming out next May, directed by KENNETH BRANAGH!!!!!) So that's me up there, wearing the InuYasha ears I picked up this year. (I buy some type of ears at nearly every con I go to. I need to stop.)

So, I was in LA for a few days prior to this (and I may post some pics from that portion of my trip as well). I drove down to San Diego in turned out to be a very fun "road trip" (I use the term loosely...it was under 3 hours...) with my friends Zane & Brea Grant (I met them LAST year at Comicon!) as well as new friend Vera!

We rushed over to the con for Zane & Brea's signing (they write a cool comic called We Will Bury You for IDW — check it out!). And THIS was the first thing I see as I near the convention center:

(I added the little titles. :-P) Really?! REALLY?! We need this at Comicon!? There was supposedly a big group of West Baptist asshats protesting on Friday — apparently we worship our comic book heroes as gods, when we should be worshipping god (cuz I'm sure all these fanboys think Superman created the WORLD) — but after I saw this, I figured that was enough for me. Those kids were just a few feet away from her. While I actually think "Fuck God" isn't the BEST way to go about showing how awful this woman is, they're hearts were in the right place and they had the balls and patience to stand there while awesomeness was just through the doors behind them!

Anyway, the NEXT thing I see is THIS and my spirits were immediately perked up! Go Optimus!!!

Here's Zane & Brea signing at the IDW booth, less than 30 minutes after we arrived in San Diego...
And one with my Hipstamatic app on my iPhone! Man I love that app, too bad my 3G is so frakkin' slow and can't handle it (oh man, I can't wait for my iPhone 4!!! My 30th birthday present!), so this is the only pic I took with it.

While at the IDW booth, I learned that The Last Unicorn, one of my favourite animated movies of all time (it's really good, watch it!) is being adapted into a comic! AND the guy who wrote the original novel, Peter S. Beagle, was based on was there signing!!!

He was SOOO sweet!! Talked to him for a little bit, got him to sign the first issue AND I picked up another novel he wrote and had him sign it. It's called Tamsin. I just started it and it's about a girl named Jennifer who lives in New York City and has a black cat!!! WHAT?!?!?! Too weird! AND she moves to England. Granted she doesn't WANT to, but I LOVE England! Coincidences freak me out. :-P

Anyway, the other really cool things that we had at the Marvel booth. Firstly...THESE:

Yep, that's Thor's, Odin's & Loki's helmets. I love how Odin's sorta combines the other two. Loki's looks crazy cool.

Then on Sunday they traded them out for the Captain America shield, which I missed (but I'm sure the internet has pics of it), then swapped that out even later for the Infinity Gauntlet!! So cool! And from a certain angle it caught the light and looked like it glowed!!

Also, at some point, they opened the doors behind the throne to show off the Destroyer!!!

But the best thing I think we had were the actors themselves!!! Here's Loki & Thor:

And Red Skull (ELROND!!) & Captain America!!

The guy playing Thor is Kirk's dad from the new Star Trek movie. He is a giant. And he is beautiful. O_o haha

So aside from Marvel, here's some other random cool things I came across:

This was outside the hotel across from the convention center. They usually have some crazy thing going on. I think last year it was a Heroes carnival thing. I have no idea what this was for, but it was cool.

Another thing outside that I don't know what it was for. Just on some lawn. haha I just liked it.

Technically Marvel, but not at OUR booth...I really rather like the Armored Adventures cartoon!

People dressed as Katamari!!!! Awesome! This was at a demonstration of this dance game. All weekend I walked past new costume people trying to dance. haha

Legos and Harry Potter! What's not to like! As soon as the Lego Harry Potter game is available cheap/used, I'll be playing that (unless it coincides with Fable III, nothing will keep me from Fable III).

A cool Star Wars toy set up over at the Hasbro booth...

Luke's in there!!

I think this was also at the Hasbro booth...sweet.

The Green Hornet car (which I later learned was called Black Beauty) with some hot chicks.

On Sunday night I saw them packing up the Ecto-1!!!!!! This was arguably the coolest thing I saw this weekend! Black Beauty is also in the truck. This drew quite a crowd so the crew put the lights and sounds on for us and it played the Ghostbusters music!!! So cool.

Stopped by Christina Strain & Adrian Alphona's table! One of my favourite colourists and one of my favourite artists! And awesome people! Christina put me & Adrian up in LA before the con this year! She rules!

The last day of the con I saw a ton of these AWESOME fox hat/tail sets. I eventually asked someone where they got them and apparently it was a raffle or something, then she told me where I could buy them online and I forgot. So if you know, PLEASE TELL ME. (Or better yet, buy me one! haha :-P) That dude looks suspicious of my picture-taking...

The other super cool thing at the con was the Walking Dead booth where they had a set up to take pictures in. VERY cool. I can't wait for this show, the comic is so awesome. (Don't tell Kirkman I said that!)

They had like movie screens behind the windows showing zombies walking up. Creepy!

So here are my pics on this set. I'm not sure my photo-acting skills came through, so I added balloons. hehe (I love working in comics!!!)

(Interesting fact, I heard they had "God Forgive Us" written there for preview night but were "compelled" to change it after that. Ridiculous, but not surprising.)

Buffy fans should remember the line in the balloon I added here:

And a pretty famous horror line...

The girl taking the picture told me to lean in to get a close up with this guy. I had to do SOMETHING. ;-)

Outside at Tin Fish, a zombie waits for her lunch...

I think my favourite night at the con was Friday night at the Marvel party. I had such a good time with some of my favourite people in comics. Also, we had a visit from this cutie pie:

The sweetheart that he is, he offered to call my mom (who is a huge Heroes fan) and leave her a message (it was like 3 in the morning in NYC). Needless to say, my mom was thrilled. Better than any silly souvenir I could've gotten!

After the party we made a pit stop at the Subway near there, the only place open 24 hours! Clearly this was also a lot of fun! I tried to take the picture myself...

Then someone offered to do it for me! ;-) That's Lee Douhig in the bag and someone I can't remember, Gerry Duggan & CB Cebulski with me in the front! All great dudes!!!

Had to get a 2010 pic with Brea. We swapped hair lengths from last year!! haha (And we both changed our colours!)

I semi-stalked Steve Niles. If you follow us on twitter you may have seen me threatening to run him off the road as we were both driving to LA at the same time. I'd assumed at that time that I'd actually be able to hang out with him, but this right here is the only time I ended up seeing him at the convention. And he didn't see me. I sent him this picture and stood there waiting to get it for a minute or two before giving up and walking away. I didn't wanna skip all the people waiting in line to meet him and I figured I'd run into him later. Oh well. There's always New York Comicon!!

Gotta get a pic wearing Lee's hat every year now! :-P

I didn't spend the entire time at the con, I walked around a little bit (at one point going on my own private scavenger hunt for Space Invader pieces which I will blog about later). Here's some stuff around town I liked:

I love old run down building signs like this!

And I also like new, modern, cool signs like this! I saw this and wondered what this store could be for:

Then I saw this on the door. How silly of me! Of COURSE it is!

This mural was on the way between my hotel and the con. Cool, huh?

View from the hall window at my hotel.

Some really pretty walkway near my hotel!

Anyway, back to the con. On the last day this chick came by to take pics on the throne. I thought her Imperial Forces costume was SO COOL (and she's VERY pretty), so I took these pics. My co-worker emails me a few days after I get back telling me this is Adrianne Curry, first "Next Top Model" winner and wife of Peter Brady! She also posted pics of herself at this con! I didn't even know who she was. I like that she's a geek!

Then there was the breakdown. I always love watching this. It's kinda sad, but in a cool way...if that makes sense...

I'm sure I missed some cool parts, but without photographic evidence, I probably forgot. Thanks for sticking with this post if you got the whole way through. If you made it this far, here's a treat for you!

On Sunday night, I walked behind these INCREDIBLY drunk ladies on the way to meet up with Marvel peeps. I couldn't help but take a picture. YOU would have to, don't lie. ;-)

Soon I'll post about Space Invaders and possibly some LA pics too! (Then I have to go back and post about some other things I'm still pissed I never posted! ARRGHH!

Later, peeps!

The End.

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WanderingSteve said...

Great pics!

The two military vehicles you saw outside the convention are for the alien invasion movie "Battle: Los Angeles", which comes out March of next year.

Met Christina Strain at last year's New York Comic Con...very talented colorist.

Love that "Walking Dead" booth!! I have the hardcovers to books 1-4, and can't wait for the tv series!

Buffy quote was from Dark Willow. One of my favorite quotes was from the episode "Beer Bad"; "It's nice...foamy...comforting. It's...Beer!!".

Ah..."The Last Unicorn". I was actually quite disgusted around when the 25th anniversary dvd came out to find out that the creator of the original story was not getting compensated! Such a classic movie...and he wasn't getting his fair due! Lame. =P

Always loved Schmendrick! "Be rary of wousing a rizard's wrath" ;D It wasn't until several years ago that I learned his name has a Yiddish origin!^_^