13 August 2010

An Epic Epic of Epicness It Was!


Seriously YES! If you haven't read the books, YOU MUST! Go! Go get them NOW! YOU WILL LOVE SCOTT PILGRIM!

But whether you have or not, you will enjoy this movie if you are a fan of fun (and DEFINITELY if you are — or ever were — a fan of video games.) I had a GREAT time with this movie! It's got laughs, loves & action! And definitely managed to capture the heart of this comic (unlike SOME adaptations I know...sigh...) There's awesome comic and video game type effects throughout! All the kids do an excellent job! I was a little worried Michael Cera would just be Michael Cera, but he actually did a great Scott! (Still hate his hair though...haha) Young Neil & Wallace were my favourites (I've always been a fan of Keiran Culkin!). Knives kicked ass and so did our Todd (played by SUPERMAN) & Lucas Lee (our very own, CAPTAIN AMERICA)! I also really loved Roxy! The chick from Parenthood (Mae Whitman) was PERFECT in that role! (::sigh:: I LOVE Parenthood...) So yeah, this movie comes HIGHLY recommended. I can't wait to see it again!!!!

Oh and here's how I went to see the midnight screening. Dressed in full nerd gear. Ramona t-shirt, a replica of Ramona's bag (thanks Etsy!) & the Ramona & Scott rubber bracelets I got from Comicon (excellent idea Oni!)!

The End.


david golbitz said...

One of my favorite casting quirks about the movie was Mae Whitman as Roxy, because she played Michael Cera's girlfriend, Ann, in "Arrested Development."

WanderingSteve said...

Got home from seeing it a short bit ago for the first time...and YES!!!! WE-ARE-SEX-BOB-OMB!!!!!!!!

Awesome, awesome movie! And a spot-on adaptation. Obviously some compression was necessary due to running time, but it still remained true to the books, even with some changes.

Wallace, Kim, and Julie seemed to be the favorites at my screening. All the Ex's were great. TONS of videogame sound effects/music...Zelda being the big one, but I could swear I heard some Metroid at one point (the title screen music from the original NES).

Look close enough, and even though his presence has been altered, you'll still find Gideon the cat! ;)

Fun Fact:Mae Whitman (Roxy), who rocked (obviously), was the President's daughter in the movie "Independence Day". Yes...that was her!!! ^_^

I went to the movie with my "Slayer" Scott Pilgrim shirt:

All in all, wonderful movie full of epic action and heart.
Can't wait to see it again!
*Heads off to subspace*

WanderingSteve said...

For those that may not know, Adult Swim debuted a 4 minute animated short covering a character arc from the books that is not in the movie. You can find it here:


Enjoy! ^_^